Well, first I started out with a 30ish pound Motobecane that was a gift in 2005. It felt heavy from the start.

I rode it for a while, just changing the fork out for the 2002 Marzocchi Marathon 2002 S during the first couple of years. Then, beginning last fall I started looking to more seriously shed some weight. I switched to a 1x9 drivetrain. I got light tubes, a carbon seatpost, a new saddle, and a lighter flat bar. I then made a big commitment and got a nice light wheelset. All was well and good - I had a much lighter and more responsive bike.

I posted about it here: https://forums.mtbr.com/weight-weenies/budget-light-project-nearing-completion-366916.html

Then in proper moronic weight weenie fashion, I just kept going. I actually think I'm done now.....because I've replaced everything on my original bike except for the headset, stem, and brake levers. Oops. Well, at least I dropped <$1000 on my "new" bike and had something to ride for the entire process.