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    ... and if we just ... NEARING build time

    First of all, a big thanks to everyone on here so far who has assisted me in some way or another.

    Just a few more outstanding bits to order. Slightly getting to the end of patience in terms of speccing this bike up and changing/deciding/tyring to source the right bits. A big part of me just wants to build it up and get on with riding it ... i can always tweak in a few months time and ebay any bits that i decide i dont want.

    Anyway, as it stands, ordered or already in my hands:

    Oro Puro + stans rotors
    KCNC 12-27 cassette
    KMC X10
    Power arms + TA 22/32/44 rings, FRM bolts
    XT E type front mech
    SRAM X0 rear
    Pace RC39
    2003 Strike Ltd
    Kona foam grips
    FRM web carbon bar
    Tune Bobo headset, silver
    Eggbeater 4Ti + SIDI Action SRS
    Use spin stix
    Hope seatbinder
    AX-lightness endurance
    twister supersonics + maxxis ultralight
    Olympics/Sapim CX-ray/Tune King+kong

    couple of points:

    The seatpost I am leaving till last, want to work out if i need layback or not and see what the bike looks like. I may well decide that I want more silver coloured parts on it.

    Obviously need to bolt tune, esp. the rotors and the frame bolts. Have to find a good source in the UK, the obvious google searches returns some very expensive places.

    I have nothing for the Sram gear cables yet, just the default metal wires so i need to research this and get something lighter with an enclosure. (I am told powercordz wont work with Sram X0 triggers)

    The bottom bracket is also still not orederd. Basically I'd like a square taper Phil Wood but sourcing one doesnt appear to be that easy ! And I still have NO idea what spindle length i will need with the Power arms and TA rings.

    Also, the spin stix i have are from ebay and i am not sure if they are road or MTB. Anyone know what length the rear one should be for MTB ? I might get some Tune ones in nay case as they are black and ugly.

    There is maybe 100g in the stem/seatbinder/bars/front mech/headset if i went for a sort of syntace/extralite/shmolke/XTR/extralite setup but i amd more than prepared to sacrifice that 100g for components that i like the look of. Also, I have pulled back from the very lightest components... some of them put me off to be honest and when it comes to seat binders and stems etc.. I would much rather have a little in built safety margin.

    The 12-27 is an experiemnet as much as anything else. I will just ahve to see how i get along with it for teh terrain and type of riding that i will be doing.

    Chainrings: yes, i wanted Boone but a week has passed and ive still had no email. That doesnt bode well for future customer service even if i could get hole of a set. TA are easy to get for me in the UK and reasonably well regarded.

    Still trying to find out from Formula if you can buy the Minaar special edition ring and fit it to the Puros... this will allow me to attach the Sram shifters onto the same brake ring which would be nice and neat.

    I will also change the XT front mech for an XTR when a nice one comes up on ebay.

    Without going to older shifters and rear mechs, and doing the whole Syntace/schmolke/extralite thing (damm, i hate all black bikes !), this bike isnt really going to get hugely lighter unless there is a major fork change next year when someone releases a credible ~1150g FS fork. I'll stick with the Pace for now though.

    At teh moment we are looking at the 19.0-19.1 lb mark. Who knows, if i really grapple with the bolt tuning, cut the bars, and get a light & shorter seatpost we may be just inside the 18lb mark... here's hoping !

    oh, and i havent included the Garmin edge in those weights
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackal2513

    Chainrings: yes, i wanted Boone but a week has passed and ive still had no email. That doesnt bode well for future customer service even if i could get hole of a set. TA are easy to get for me in the UK and reasonably well regarded.
    I think the guy at Boone has an awful lot of chainrings in backlog to machine. He's quite popular in the singlespeed world and it is a one man (even if remember correctly part time) operation.

    Give him some slack, i own one Boone ss ring and it's really a beautifull piece of work.

    TA is a nice alternative, have been using them on the gearie for some time works great.


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    Alright, let's ride!
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    I have a boone 20 and 31 I want to get rid of. Only used them about five rides. I was never able to get the spacing right to get proper shifting.
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    Brett is by himself and it's hard for him to return e-mails and get chainrings out. Theusal time is 6-8 weeks or the chainrings.

    I am going to sell me Ti Road rings soon. I like the, but I found lighter ones and I prefer black on carbon cranks.

    I still might save them for my Italian Roadie project coming up. They will look really nice on Campagnolo Aluminum cranks!

    If the spacing works on your cranks, it's the LAST pair of chain rings you will ever need.
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    Jackal, have you ridden the Twisters? IMO, THEY SUCK! There's little to no tread, and with tubes, they pinch flat constantly.. I had 3 flats in 10 rides, hawked them on ebay..
    I was using a standard tube as well. They're very nice on a scale, bout it...

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    havent ridden them yet.. plenty of people have given good reports. Ill just have to find out for myself.

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