I just bought a set of FSA XC-300SL's and Michelin Wild Race'r's (2.25in) and set them up with Stan's kit. Total cost? $210 for wheels and tires and $50 for the Stan's kit.

The wheels with ONLY tape weighed in at 1710g and the tires came in at 735g each.

My front wheel (no rotor) weighed in at 1700g and the rear (no rotor, no cassette) at 1790g for a new total of 3490g.

I haven't weighed my stock tubed 2.1in setup, but what do you guys think? I know it's not the absolute lightest setup, but just holding them I can feel a huge difference. Both wheels tubeless feel like the weight of one tubed! Hopefully I'll have time in the next couple of days to swap everything and weigh the stock setup for a comparison.

What are your tubeless setups weighing in at?