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    M-force 8 Ti pedals snag and are hard to clip out of?

    So a few months ago I got some of these pedals in an attempt to save weight over the XTR 9000 race pedals. They look really nice and are way lighter but I find I've had difficult clipping out and have gone back to the XTR.

    Here's the problem: if I am pulling up and twisting my foot (which I do) to clip out the cleat seems to snag and I get stuck. I've actually fallen over a couple of times as a result. The pulling up seems to be the issue. This isn't a problem on the XTR, and in panic situations, like when I'm about to crash, or trying to clear a techy climb and have to put a foot down, I tend to pull up and rotate at the same time to get my foot out of the way of the bike and sometimes there is no option when riding up a rut/embankment/whatever.

    I've tried both the cleats that came with the pedals and the normal XTR cleats and it didn't seem to make much difference. The xpedo cleat was maybe slightly better. I've tried adjusting the tension and it didn't really help. They definitively feel a little different clipping in and out of compared to the XTR.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Maybe my pedals are just slightly off? Should I try another pair or is this just how these work? I really can't seem to see how these differ enough from the XTR to make it actually any different--but what it looks like doesn't seem to keep me from falling over. It's like the stupidest, clumsiest fail too.

    Do the Ritchey have the same issue? What about that other new pedal that's coming out? I can't remember right now but it was recently shown on pinkbike.

    The pedals seem great other than this one issue, which is a deal breaker for me.

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    I find the XTR cleats (shimano) are better. The pedals seemed to needed to wear in a bit first and with the shimano cleats they function just like my XTRs. With the Xpedo cleats, they pop out all the time, even cranked all the way down.
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    I've ran my XPedo M-Force 8 for three years, and never found them difficult to unclip from, but then I don't pull up while twisting to get out (I simply twist).

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    Thanks for the replies. If you guys don't mind, what happens when you do try and pull up and twist at the same time? Does it snag sometimes or does it pop out easily?

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    I have 3 sets of the older Xpedo MF Ti SPD pedals and they are awesome. My wife is very picky about being able to click out effortlessly and she runs two of the sets of 'em.

    I'd contact support and see what they have to say...
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    I have found the same thing since switching shoes, so i can only assume the rubber on the shoe is catching somehow. SWorks 6 shoes for reference. Hoping the rubber will wear down a bit to make it better.
    I use the Xpedo cleat and find that they engage and release far better than the Shimano cleat.
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    First ride on my ti's today and no snagging. Had a hard time getting in a couple of times but will get used to that. Overall for a first ride pleased and no surprises. Using shimano shoes and cleats.
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