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    Low weight trade off

    What areas (parts) of your bike would you be willing to choose a heavier part if it meant (1) increase in comfort, (2) increased durability, (3) less future maintenance or (4) less cost?

    For instance, would you choose a more comfortable saddle to ride longer even if it meant adding weight? Would you choose a fork that is heavier if it had amazing reviews for durability? Would you choose a heavier wheelset if it meant more time riding and less time tweaking? What parts of your bike are non-negotiable (that is, only the lightest will do)?

    Decisions, decisions...

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    For myself functionality and durability comes first. I would not opt lighter and live with a poor performing fork, brakes or drive train. Padded or heavier saddles are a misconception. The fact is with saddles is the shape is what its all about. The interface of the saddle and your backside. I ride an AX Lightness Sprint on the road and a Speedneedle off road and can spend all day on them without any discomfort. I've also had 200 gram padded saddle that were total torture devices in less than 45 minutes of riding.

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    I have upgraded cranks, forks, and pedals to heavier parts to improve performance. Basically tried out some weight weenie part and discovered it basically sucked. At the end of the day it's never worth compromising performance for a gram or two.
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    Sure, why not?

    What do you have questions about? Obviously you are trying to sort out some upgrades. It'd be a lot faster if you just said what parts you were considering.

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    I use Cane Creek Ergo2 bar ends. Heavy little shytes, but oh so "handy" (ta da tish!).

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    Great topic.
    Most of us use suspension forks. And most of them weight more than a nice rigid fork.
    I used to run V-brakes but it took a lot of time and attention to keep them running great- clean braking surfaces, proper toe-in, wheel has to be almost perfectly true. Now I have nice heavy BB7 discs that perform great.

    Tubes and tires can get stupid light, but a flat trailside stinks, especially if its because you had to save an ounce to have uber-tubes. I ride in the desert and do not mind the weight of Slime and rugged Geax tires at all.

    But a few parts can be made light and still perform real well. I use an Easton carbon bar and a Thompson post and stem. I just bought a Gobi saddle to save 125 grams off my old cushy WTB. Jury is still out on the wisdom of that swap, tho.

    So much about the weight weenie game is based on your size, style and trails. I had a buddy that used a carbon seat- no padding or even a cover- and it worked for him.

    Hell- think with your wallet. Can you afford the part, and can you afford to replace it if crumbles on that footer you didn't see coming?
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