Lighter tires for Ibis Ripmo's second wheelset-
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    Lighter tires for Ibis Ripmo's second wheelset

    Posted here because I've read similar threads elsewhere that drift away from weight. I think the OCD in this room might keep things focused

    I newly own an Ibis Ripmo, which I really love. I'd like it to be reasonably light, but an not obsessively concerned. For instance I got the heavier blue paint option. That way strangers can tell it's a Ripmo from a distance and feel superior to the yuppie kook walking the gnarly bit. 5 ounces to me is worth spreading that sort of joy.

    I am though in the process of building up a second wheelset - Lightbicycle 33mm inner carbon 29er, ~1680 grams. So ~200 grams lighter than the stock Alloy S35 wheelset.

    The stock tires are Assegai 2.5's in the EXO+ casing, and they are freakin' awesome angry traction pigs. 1125g claimed weight per tire. I'm happy enough to pedal them uphill when I'm trying to survive ugly unsanctioned slimy rooty steeps with guys who are much better than me at riding them.

    But also I want a lighter set of wheels for riding on blue trails. The carbon wheels are a start, but I feel like I could REALLY save a lot of weight by mounting tires in the 750-850 gram range. I mean if I can deal with tires averaging about 800 grams each, my "trail" wheelset would be 850 grams lighter than my "enduro" wheelset. 2lbs less, and off the wheels. I could go for that.

    I want the lighter tires to be knobbier than Maxxis Icons. I like Rekons and have rode them extensively, but maybe prefer a front tire with a little more aggressive edge dig. Fast rolling in the rear is important. And would definitely like a rear tire that can to some extent protect the rear rim from getting smashed.

    At the moment I'm most strongly considering Nobby Nik 2.35 (~800g) rear and Forekaster 2.35 (735g) front. I will be riding a lot of well build trails on these tires, in PNW conditions. I do have some concern that the sideknobs on the forekaster will fold too easily on berms etc. I weigh 205lbs, XL bike. And these tires will see some terrain, not just scooting around the smooth stuff.

    What do you say about this combo? Can you offer better alternatives? I wouldn't mind another 50-100g more for a little burlier, chunkier, more protective. Up to 2.6 fits my frame.


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    Unsure how up to date this is, but there's a database of 29er tire weights that may give you some ideas:

    I was looking myself at the Schwalbe Fat Albert, which has unique front and rear tire versions. They rate them slightly better traction than their Nobby Nics, and they're 2.35, claimed 780g. Haven't tried them myself though.

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    Last season, also PNW, I had a Ardent skinwall 29x2.4 front, it was quite a bit under 800g, closer to 700g iirc, the non-tubeless-ready skinwall Ardent worked perfect on older stans rims tubeless. Joey at Indigenous Wheel recommended that to me, he ran that tire front and rear tubeless last season, also zero issues (my new xc rims from him are 295 and 300g). Also to consider, my 29x.2.35 Ardent race EXO TR is 785g, I raced that in some mud and it was pretty decent, - I'm going with forekasters for the upcoming early series on that bike which are in the low 600s in 29x2.2.
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    If trails are dry. I'd do the Dissecor front Forkaster rear.

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    Thanks gents (and or ladies), all of this is very helpful.

    Pursuing the first response's tip, I found the following database, which lists thousands of MTB parts that can be sorted by weight. The website is a little kludgy, but really helpful to be able to scroll a list of all 29er all mountain tires in my desired weight range, provisionally rated in a bunch of different categories.

    Security certificate not up to date, but doesn't seem likely that whomever went to all this trouble did so as an elaborate ruse.

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