Fraud advice from eBay ad linked:-
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    Fraud advice from eBay ad linked:

    Maybe this will save someone on the board, if it's pulled I copied it for future reference.

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    Another one...

    I put my Klein Adept frame up in the MTBR classifieds a few days ago and the first person to send me an e-mail about it was "Carl Morgan".

    He wanted to pay for the frame with a US Cashier's check. I told him that would be fine but in further conversations here's how it turned out:

    "Hello Jeremy Johnson,
    I got your mail,Right now you know I'm in Germany,but i'll instruct my Business Associate to send you a check of $2,880,before he leaves for Korea(He's a multiple business man),and you'll send the excess funds to my shipper via western union,for him to come for the pick up at your on,I'll give you my shipping agent's datas as soon as the check gets to you,and he handles my shipping arrangement.
    I'll be very grateful if really you can do everything the same day you recieve the check for a faster transaction....
    I'll compensate you with $100 for the(efforts)running round in sending the balance to my shipper..
    I'll need your datas for the check to get to you soonest..
    ZIP CODE..
    COUNTR Y..
    Pls mail me today,to let me know wh at's good.
    I know I can trust you,"

    I checked out those "SCAM ALERT" links above the classifieds and this is exactly what they're warning you about.

    I ended up selling the frame to another guy. Hope he likes it

    - Jeremy -

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    Good luck

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott479

    Maybe this will save someone on the board, if it's pulled I copied it for future reference.

    I posted one like that a while back. Ebay pulled it because I wasn't actually selling anything. Didn't do anything about the scammers, but pulled my warning. (Not that they have an easy job, with the hundreds of thousands of listings out there to check.)

    It'll be interesting to see if they keep yours up, or if they pull it, too. I've thought about doing one as an offer to sell a report on bicycle auction scams, with the full text of the "report" (something just like your ad) in the ad so people can see it. But if anyone really did win it, I'd send 'em the report via e-mail. Might pass the eBay censors. Dunno.

    Good luck and thanks for trying.

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