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    Ergo grips for carbon bars?

    I'm looking to put a set of ergo grips on a new set of carbon bats. I originally wanted to use Ergons GX series grips, as they have a small bar end on them, and I like the feel of the grip. Unfortunately, Ergon's website has a safety precaution clearly stating that the grips are not suitable for use with carbon bars. Can anyone suggest an alternative grip/bar end combination for me to consider?


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    I'm running Ergon GX1s on an Easton EC90 SL carbon bar with no issues. Not aware of any warnings from Ergon. If you don't need the bar ends and do XC, should be fine.

    Just do yourself a favour and use carbon assembly paste/grip.

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    I think most handlebars will state somewhere if they can be used with bar ends. for example tells you for each bar whether they can or not (as well as a helpful picture on the scales so you don't get taken in by "claimed" weights - nice!) Do the GX1's clamp around the bar? The only thing I think you might have to watch is the ones that clamp inside...maybe the handlebar won't be laid up with that in mind...

    Another vote for carbon assembly paste, as Phlegm mentioned. I'd never used it until recently but it's awesome - does a great job of reducing the amount of clamping force you need

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    All of our gripsets with barends come with the following safety precautions per our website....
    "These grips are not suitable for the use with carbon handlebars."

    All carbon bar manufacturers have different torque specs for clamping and whether or not barends can be used. Some will allow barends...but also require a reinforcement plug. Because of this, we cannot say our barend models will work on all carbon bars.

    It is up to the consumer to do the research to see if the barends are or are not allowed on their carbon bar of choice.

    A reinforcement plug is pretty much the cure-all to this hit and miss incompatibility.

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    Typically the biggest issue for non-reinforced bars is the way the bar end clamp is cut, if the slot is on the radius it won't crush the bar end (as per this Easton installation instruction)

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