• 05-22-2004
    Easton Monkey Lite carbon bar
    My friend has one of these bars on his bike and today I notice a mark about 1" long following the seam of the bar. It is almost right beside the clamp of the stem. To me it looks like a cracked bar but he doesn't believe me.

    Does anyone have pictures of their cracked bars? I swear I've seen them somewhere on this forum before. I just don't want him to hurt himself....esp. during the 24 hour solo race we have coming up soon.
  • 05-22-2004
    Take a good close look at it. These bars are coated in a clear cote laquer like finish which scuffs up pretty easily. It gets scratched very easy but thats not dangerous. Its just cosmetic damage if the carbon itself is cracked you can usually tell because the gouge is much deeper and goes below the clear coat.