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    Cutting weight Anthem 1 2008

    Hi everyone!

    I'm pretty new to this weight weenies thing and I would like some advices. I got my Anthem 1 in october 2007 thinking I would not really put any upgrades on it unless something breaks but seems like I'm now looking into making it a bit lighter... Since everything is already at a good level with a total of 26 pounds for the bike there isn't many options to cut some major weight. As of now, all the bike as the same type of parts as when I got it except that I'm now running a DuraAce XTR 7701 chain instead of the HG73.

    Overall, I want to do these changes and I want to know if it's a good move or not:

    Change RaceFace Evolve XC seatpost for a Ritchey superlogic carbon seatpost
    Change RaceFace Evolve XC handlebar for a Ritchey superlogic carbon handlebar
    Change the RaceFace Evolve XC stem for a Ritchey WCS 4 axis carbon stem
    Change the Michelin XC Dry^2 tires for Continental Race King Supersonic 26x2.0
    Remove my tubes and use the notubes tubeless kit

    Doing that, I think I could shave around 1.5 pounds...maybe a bit more. Is it worth it?

    Does Ritchey builds reliable carbon parts?

    Is there better moves to do that would cost less?

    Thank you!

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    Just my two cents, but the Ritchey seat post isn't that light, although Ritchey does have the bling affect in my opinion. KCNC makes some light products, which are worth looking in to ( You didn't state your weight or riding style, but that helps, as some products do have weight limitations.The Conti supersonics are extemely hard to seal. Options are Maxxis Ikons, Schwalbe Ralph Racing or Rocket Rons. Good luck.

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    to help us help you list your bike's current specs

    remember carbon is not always lighter than AL (althought it looks way better)

    +1 on sealing up the Conti's. I have a X-King Protection (thicker than Supersonic) and it will not seal even with 2x the sealant. It holds through a ride, but next day is down to hardly any air. I REALLY like the Rocket Ron 2.25 front with a Racing Ralph 2.1 rear.

    Everyone will tell you this eventually, but wheels/tires/rotors/cassette first, then IMO cockpit (seat/post/stem/bars) next
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    Ok, here are some answers:

    I'm 148lbs and my riding style is...frankly I don't know but I'm not the kind of guy who breaks everything each time he goes out. I'm not doing any XC race but I'm considering a first try next summer.

    The full specs of my bike are:
    Frame: Anthem 1 2008 size medium
    Fork:Fox 32 F80RL
    Rear shock: Fox Float RP2
    Brake: Shimano XT
    Front derailler: Shimano XT
    Rear derailler: Shimano XT
    Crankset: Shimano XT 22/32/44
    Pedals: Shimano XT SPD
    Bottom bracket: Shimano XT
    Cassette: Shimano XT 9 speeds 11-34
    Chain: Shimano DuraAce XTR 7701
    Seatpost: RaceFace Evolve XC
    Saddle: WTB Silverado Race SL
    Handlebar: RaceFace Evolve XC
    Stem: RaceFace Evolve XC
    Hubs: WTB Laserdisc lite
    Rims: WTB Laserdisc XC
    Tires: Michelin XC Dry^2

    I only took a look at the Ritchey parts because they seemed the lightest parts available on ChainReactionCycles but I'm open to any other parts as long as I can get them delivered to Canada!

    Thank you!

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    Going to tubeless is going to make you go way faster than changing any other components above.
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    This is why I was looking for the notubes tubeless kit and the Race King Supersonic but seems like these tires are really hard to seal.

    If I was to change the wheels instead...what would be a good choice? I don't want to service the hubs 2-3 times per year because I'm way too lazy for that. I also want something reliable because I don't want to change the rims each time I hit something hard. My lbs isn't really reliable when it comes to build wheels or even service a bike so I need to do it by myself or order online.

    I looked at some options.

    Fulcrum red metal zero XRP (6 bolts, can keep actual brake rotors)
    Weight Front: 670 g
    Weight Rear: 880g
    Total: 1550g

    Shimano XTR Race M985 (would require new brake rotors)
    Weight Front: 674 g
    Weight Rear: 889g
    Total: 1563g

    I also checked the custom builds from notubes...would consider:
    Rims: ZTR Alpine OR Crest
    Hubs: DT Swiss 240s 6 bolts
    Spokes: 2.0/1.7 Black double butted
    Nipples: blue
    Rim tape: yellow tape and valve

    Alpine Weight Front: 661g
    Alpine Weight Rear: 781g
    Alpine Total: 1442g

    Crest Weight Front: 671g
    Crest Weight Rear: 791g
    Crest Total: 1462g

    All the option gives something around the same prices and could be considered.

    Any comments?

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    Just bought a Crank Brothers Cobalt XC Wheelset (2010 version) in sales for half it's regular price and half the price of the other options I stated in my previous post. They are advertised at:

    Weight: front/rear 688g / 852g
    Total: 1540g

    I've read some bad reviews about the freewheel breaking from people over 200lbs but also a lot of good reviews from people below that. At this price, I can take this risk I think! So my wheelset will be the upgrade and on top of that I will have a tubeless wheelset.

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    and what about novatec 711\712 hubs (up to 160 usd on ebay), sapim cx-ray spokes and, depending on weight, ztr crest or alpine rims ? my friend got that set with crest rims 28 holes/ weight <1380 gr

    btw there are sale for ztr olympic rims on chainreaction now

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    Just received my Crank Brothers Cobalt XC 2010 wheelset and installed it on my bike. Overall my wheels are now 0.6lbs lighter than with my WTB Laserdisc XC. Only thing left to do now is to go outside and try them as soon as the weather is on my side. Also, I will see if I get those Race King Supersonic for my birthday this weekend...would help to shave an other 200-300g!

    On top of that I ordered a new pair of shoes since mine (SH-M121G) were starting to hurt my feet...a pair of Louis Garneau T-Flex 300 size 44. This should remove an other 400-500g.

    I just hope all this will give some noticable results

    If anyone whant to see some pictures or give me some comments, feel free to do so.

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