• 03-08-2004
    Add Magura and Speedplay to my "great support" list.
    I recently praised Kenda, USE, Easton, and Answer for their great support.

    You can add Magura and Speedplay to that list. Hey, I guess I am breaking a lot of stuff lately.

    One of my 4 beloved Martas (ok, I like them a lot), allowed me to sqeeze the lever to the bar - if I took a full minute or more to do it. They did not respond to a half dozen bleedings or so. I emailed Magura, who diagnosed the problem and are sending me a new lever.

    Speedplay has send me small bolts on more than one occasion and saved me ordering little parts from the LBS as well.
  • 03-09-2004
    Just don't ask Speedplay to replace your bearing and or axels... Even if you have four sets of their pedals. Customer service will tell you burned them out by not lubing them. Total B.S., I lubed mine once a WEEK. Guess they were tired of the replacement pedal bodies not holding up to the rocks in Fayetteville, AR.
  • 03-09-2004
    DirtDad, how do you contact USE?
    I need new screws for my Alien Seatpost, but have had no luck getting any response from USE. Any suggestions for contacts to get replacement parts?