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    26" wheels for lighter bike

    Would like to get some opinions in this room since most seem to weight conscience here.

    I got rid of my 23lb 29er for the purposes of going to a 26" tire again to help on weight.

    I see so many people saying great things about the 29ers that I feel like i may be making a bad decision. i just want to check with the fellow weightweenies here to see if they understand my reasoning in going back to a normal 26" tire bike again for weight purposes.

    The feeling of having a light bike is so nice.... Do others feel the same about this 29er vs 26er weight issue?


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    You can build up a 29er that will weigh under 20 pounds and still be reliable. Sure you can build up a crazy 15 pound Flash or Scott but really anything under 20 pounds is light enough.
    You need to choose which wheel size you prefer and then determine how much you can spend to get the weight down.

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    I don't want to start a major discussion here about which wheel size is better, but don't feel bad about going to 26" wheels. In my opinion 29" are way over rated. The change in diameter or radius is only 11.5% so the improvement/change in ride can not be that much.
    Except that so many people that ride 29ers talk about it as if the ride was twice as good.
    Objective riders will tell you that each wheel size has its strengths and weaknesses.
    All things/components being equal a 26er will always be lighter than 29er. I also love the low weight of my bike. Last year I switched from 28lb to a 21.5lb bike and what a difference.

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    If you are interested in nothing more than saving weight, a 26" bike will have more weight saving potential than a 29er will. That is based strictly on materials necessary to build a bike. A 29" wheel is simply heavier than an equivalent 26" wheel. That being said, as was previously mentioned reliable sub 20 pound 29ers are not uncommon.
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    I feel the same. I think the lighter-weight feel of 26 is totally worth it. If you also want to take off more weight, you could go dual rim brake like v-brakes or magura hydraulics, and putting regular non-disc hubs on. This saves you SO much weight as well.

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