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    1 stop source for Titanium bits????

    i know you guys are gonna hate me for this, but
    i just cant bring myself to put any aluminum fasteners on my bike, but i have no problem going with all Ti.
    after reading so many things about heads shearing off and "just make sure you torque everything exactly to spec and youll be fine" it makes me nervous
    its just a matter of feeling confident in my bike and being comfortable.

    so.... im gonna do some Ti tuning, but i need 1 place to buy EVERYTHING
    i know of all the regular places you guys recomend. but they dont sell prepackaged Shimano brake kits and canti studs.
    where can i get this stuff? what place will know the correct sizes and heads that ill need?

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    Idea! Overly opinionated suggestion...

    Please remember to chase all threads and use a quality assembly lube. Ti sometimes freezes/bonds worse than steel/aluminum do. I'd hate to see you post a "how do I fix this" post a few months from now.

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    Alu is fine

    I have gobs of alu on my bike, and it is super light (1/3 that of steel) and way cheaper than Ti. It is not brain surgury to tell how tight it needs to be. Just get some spares in case you do strip them, and use an allen wrench with a squared off end... no ball ends. That, and don't put it anywhere structural. Use some TiPrep on it too. Redmist sells tiny tubes of it for cheap. I'm still on my first tube.

    You can get both alu and ti at Redmist motorsports: www.Titaniumfasteners.com

    good quality and cheap.

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    titaniumfasteners.com doesnt sell any kits that i was explaining nor do they sell canti studs.

    NO aluminum..... thanks for response, but ive heard it a 1000 times.
    i want Ti.

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    Try Trevor Maybee... info@litebolts.com. He`s got bolts, canti studs and Ti pad holder kits. That`s who I use. His prices are good too; and if you`re in the US or the UK, you`ll save $ cause he`s in Canada. Give him a shout.

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    If you find a one stop shop for everything let me know. Right now I'm splitting up my Ti/Al order between 3 places:

    http://hyperbolts.com/catalog/index.php for specialty parts

    www.Titaniumfasteners.com for bolts since above sorce is much more expensive

    http://www.cambriabike.com for SRP stuff (only cuz i need other stuff from CBO)

    You can try Specialty Racing Products, they have most of that stuff but again, bolt are way more expensive than redmist
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