Hey Folks,

We've another great opportunity to get more trails in parks in Tacoma, but we need your voice...

In 1996 a Park Master Plan was developed for Wapato Hills Park in South Tacoma that "discouraged" bicycles on trails. Now MetroParks and the City of Tacoma are reviewing this 17 year old plan and that opens the possibility for create new trails open to bikes!

Unfortunately there are some very vocal opponents. So we need you to help the planners understand how important mountain biking is to you and your family! This is a similar process to what got bicycles incorporated into Tacoma's Swan Creek Park, proving your voice can make a difference!!

Please send your comments by May 10th to [email protected] with a subject line "Wapato Hills public comment".

You do not have to be a city or county resident to provide comments but if you are it is even more important!

Your email can be very short, but some key points to consider mentioning are:

* Mountain biking helps build a safe, clean and active community with shared trails that are enjoyed by everyone.
* Children and families benefit from having outdoor recreation opportunities close to home.
* A positive presence like mountain biking helps to displace illegal uses and dangerous activity.
* There is a huge unmet need for more singletrack trails open to mountain bikes in Tacoma and all of Pierce County.

Remember to include your name and address.

Thanks as always for supporting the cause!