I was very encouraged when I drove by their earlier in the week and saw that the snow looked to only be patchy rather than a solid covering. I started and the Bowl and Pitcher bridge, and there was still about 5-inches of hard-packed, rained on and refrozen snow on the trail. I won’t say the trail was unreadable since I managed to stay in the saddle most of the time, but the Ice was so slick, and the snow was so hard that the tire knobs couldn’t really dig into the snow to provide any traction, so the whole ride was more like a controlled slide than a bicycle ride and I really didn’t feel comfortable riding with enough speed to get my legs burning or lungs pumping. On the upside, there was a lot of wild life since the trails are still rarely graveled. At on point there were several deer on either side of the trail (probably 10-12 in total), and they allowed me to get so close that I could have reached out and touched them if I were so inclined. This caused me to lose concentration on the slippery riding conditions, so when I slipped and fell, they all scattered. That was probably the most redeeming part of the ride