Mountain Biking Hit Piece in Spokesman Review-
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    Mountain Biking Hit Piece in Spokesman Review

    Downhill mountain bikers challenge trail planning at Mount Spokane - - Oct. 14, 2012

    I am going to copy the post from Evergreen East, it needs more attention from us:

    Please share this article with others, it brings to attention mountain biking at Mt Spokane. If you feel strongly, please write a respectful letter back to the Spokesman. They have portrayed Evergreen East and the activities surrounding Mt. Spokane inaccurately. Here are some points to keep in mind.

    1) Evergreen East is a advocacy group for all disciplines of mountain biking. Our mission is to create and protect sustainable mountain biking opportunities in Washington State. We will continue to work with the community to educate, advocate, maintain trails, and create opportunities for recreation.

    2) The Mount Spokane mountain biking plan (Mt Spokane State Park Survey 2012) was developed at the request of the State to address mountain biking on Mt. Spokane. The plan is intended to enhance and accompany the 2009 Mt Spokane State Park plan, not to replace it. Again, the State identified that a plan was needed to adequately address the mountain bike user groups needs and usage of the park, and as a result requested members of Evergreen East (previously FTTRC) pursue this.

    3) The Mount Spokane plan was not developed by downhillers or for downhillers, but by riders of all disciplines. The plan attempts to address trails for all types of riders.

    4) The intent of the Mount Spokane mountain biking plan was to provide solutions for safety and user group conflict issues that have been identified in surveys for the park, protect and enhance the existing trail network, increase revenue generating opportunities for the park, and expand access to the mountain for all types of mountain bikers and other users as well.

    5) Evergreen East is actively working with other user groups and the Mount Spokane State Park to address trail maintenance, safety, and riding etiquette issues that arise. There are many opportunities on Mt. Spokane to enhance the experience and interactions for all user groups, want to take part in taking these opportunities and making them a reality.

    We must continue to work to bridge the gap between user groups. Respect the trails, and respect all users.

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    I thought that Sunday article was about the most biased piece Landers has ever written about mountain bikers. I expect better of him, and I'm really disappointed.

    I saw this comment somewhere online.
    I think it shows that some people DO get what Evergreen is about, but also where the real problems are.
    Evergreen East is doing good work on the mountain; some individual mountain bike riders are not. Just one example of many: yesterday I found fresh mountain bike tracks on an illegal shortcut route that I spent four hours covering with debris just a few weeks ago. Most of the signs indicating closure & rehabilitation were still in place and were simply ignored. The information that really needs to be spread is that rogue riders need to brought into the fold. The article is 100% accurate when it says that Spokane Nordic is the model to follow when it comes to working with the park, private landowners, and volunteers to improve trails.

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