Punchline: Silverdale Cyclery Saturday Sep 17th @ 10AM. Special meeting with mountain bikers

Introductions to those I haven't met...I'm Ken Meidell. I'm currently a member of the Green Mountain/Tahuya DNR recreation planning group, and am also on the EMBA board.

The Green/Tahuya area has long been a hot spot for mountain biking on the Kitsap side of the water.

The purpose of the recreation planning group is to to provide insight and input to help DNR make decisions related to recreation management and to work with DNR staff to develop draft recreation management recommendations for the Green Mountain and Tahuya state forests.

I am there specifically to represent the mountain biking community as DNR develops a comprehensive recreation plan for these areas which have been, and continue to be, terrific resources for mountain biking.

Our group has reached the point where we are engaging with our user communities to help explain the process and solicit input and feedback in advance of our next meeting on September 20th. I am inviting mountain bikers who are interested in the future of Green Mountain and Tahuya state forests to come to Silverdale Cyclery on September 17th at 10AM for an interactive session where I will explain the process, answer any questions you might have, and take back your feedback to the committee and to DNR.

Although I will attempt to answer questions on any Green/Tahuya topic you might have, the purpose of the meeting is specifically on mountain biking in the forests and to brainstorm around mountain biking opportunities on these properties.

This is a unique and valuable opportunity to help influence a critical area for our use, and for future generations of mountain bikers. You can find out more about the process at the DNR web site...


If you can't make the meeting, please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions/concerns or input you might have.


[email protected]