The Beacon Bike Park, now called the Cheasty Greenspace Trails and Bike Park, made it past one hurdle and is now in the design stage for the Park which entails a bunch of public meetings and City approval to get designed and built. They are forming a Project Advisory Team (PAT) to provide input on this and help get this project constructed.

In order for the trails to get built right and be robust enough to have longevity and allow for users of all levels, it needs to have the right people on the PAT. It would be a shame if was reduced in scope so it doesn't have enough of an appeal that it falls into disuse. This could happen if the opposition of this project have their way.

Applications are open for the PAT and it'd be great to have bikers on the PAT who are knowledgable about trail use, building and will be users of the trail If you can I encourage you to apply for the PAT. Applications are due soon (8/29).

If you can't be on the PAT, please try to attend the public meetings and provide your support and input. It's necessary to make this happen.

Key Links:
City's Cheasty Page and PAT Application: http://www4.<wbr><wbr>cheasty/gs_bike_trail.htm
Cheasty Bike Park New website: Cheasty Greenspace |
Beacon Bike Park facebook page: https://www.facebook.<wbr>com/beaconbikepark