• 07-10-2017
    Broken clavicle: Seattle area surgeon recommendation??
    Was hoping I could heal up w/o surgery, but it's broken in 3 places with a lot of displacement and 2cm shortened in length. Surgeon says it's a clear call to fix it rather than hope for a good non operative healing result. Seems

    Anyone got a recommendation or the opposite for a surgeon ?
  • 07-10-2017
    Dr. Falicov. He performed surgery on one of my three broken clavicles. Two of them didn't require surgery. I decided to have the Sonoma pin inserted (later removed) rather than treatment with a plate. Was very happy with rehabilitation and recovery with the pin.
  • 07-11-2017
    Absolutely agree with the pin insertion - I had it done last year and went running 3 days after the surgery, and was fully cleared to do whatever 6 weeks after. The pin is a much stronger option than the plates because to attach them you need to put several screws into your (already weakened) bone. I had Dr Basamania, the inventor of the pin procedure, do the surgery - he's at Swedish... more info: https://www.opaortho.com/basamania; he was recommended to me by another fellow mountain biker and I couldn't be happier with the results.