went to the shed for the first time last week with a friend. we parked at the hamburg rd parking lot and the took the rail to right on the opposite side of the road (riding away from gambrill). This we found out was the blue trail and we took that for a little while down to a little pond and then decided to take a right off of it, a came to road (which i think was fishing creek rd) after a fireroad climb. after riding north on that for a little while we turned right at a gate and found a singletrack trail which while it started out mellow turned into more of a freeride trail than we could really handle. we ended up turning around and making our way back to the blue trail and as we tried to find more singletrack it seemed that all of it was freeride oriented. We ended up making our way to Delauter Rd via the blue trail and then back to the car.

I would like to go back next week and am wondering where the good xc trails are. I have heard a few times about the Salamander loop. Is the good and where is it? Is there a different place to park with access to some more trails?