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    WV, VA end of April first week of May

    Preamble: I did a search on the forums search for "May" in the subject and "spring" in the whole message and didn't really get anything that answered my question specifically. So...

    I'm going somewhere the end of April/first week of May. It's the best time to go with a gap between school and work that I can manage a travelling vacation before August. I'm torn between Fruita and Moab again or someplace new. I'm actually leaning towards someplace new and WV and/or VA is that someplace new.

    What is the riding like in WV and VA around that time of year and if I were making a five day trip down there where should I stay and ride. Slayfork? Canaan? Are they dry at the end of April? I'd prefer not to have to travel a lot just stay in one city/town or campsite and then travel from there. I'll probably be flying down and then renting a bike hauler when I get there. I like technical XC riding (four inch XC bike) and I don’t mind climbs. Am I asking too much to not expect to drive two hours to ride a new place everyday?

    Any suggestions about what airport I should fly into? DC?
    Any websites or books I should check out before I head down there? I found a thread on racing in my search that suggested some sites but some links don’t work, some are outdated and some just aren’t useful.

    I did check our Lake Raven's thread and found some useful but he was asking about the first week of June and not end of Apri/begining of May.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braids
    Slayfork? Canaan? Are they dry at the end of April?
    Dry?!?!?! Bawhahahahahahhaha........Not that time of year. But don't worry, even though the trails and wet and all the good thing about WV is that you can usually ride because it isn't too muddy. Depends on where ya go. I'd stay away from the DC area as the weather is a little unpredictable this time of year and most trails are slop except Fredrick.. I figure if we go 4 days w/o rain, we're doing good.

    You may wish to PM Davis about Slatyfork and Snowshoe as those might be your best options in that time frame. He's knows that area pretty well.

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    Pocahontas County WV !

    Have to agree with Crashedandburned, Davis knows that area and the weather better than most. I have ridden in Pocahontas County that time of year and it was great. However, I most often get up that way for a week or two in June and July. I have always found Marlinton or the area around Marlinton to be the best place to use as base camp (or motel ) for different rides every day. It is central to many good riding locations. As noted, PM Davis and I'm sure he can be a great help. Slatyfork has several trails just in that area. See that area under trail reviews. I posted a good place for maps in there.
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    If it dries out around here, its usually August, maybe late July. They'll be wet, but rideable. Allow for the possibilty of cold, wet rains when packing. If you stay in Marlinton, you may want to check out dirtbean.com for B&B style lodging provided by the local bike shop. The Gauley Mt (Slatyfork) system is just a few miles up the road north, as well as the Pocahontas/Kennison area about 15 miles west. East, near the VA border lies Rimel, with 2 loops for about 13 miles, its an atypical non-technical swoopy fast ride. Allow an hour and a half to get to Douthat State Park in VA (an easy and picturesque drive). Two hours north of Marlinton lies Canaan Valley (I know, it looks closer on the map...). If I were advising someone who has been to none of these, I'd recommend Marlinton as a base and ride Slatyfork/Kennison/Rimel and maybe daytrip to Douthat. I'd say give Canaan its own trip, one day there just isn't enough.
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    What is this?? Sounds like mini-gathering to show Braids around?!
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    Mini Gathering sounds good to me.
    Always need a good excuse to ride and drink corn juice.

    Like everyone else said, the trails will be wet but you should be able to ride the with no worries.
    If you want to check out some pictures of the trails around the Slatyfork area just click on the link to my website below and go to the "Local Trails" section.

    P.S. Red Run is my absolute favorite
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    Hmm... as far as what airport to fly into, anything in DC is probably going to be cheaper, but look into landing at Yeager in Charleston, WV. You could spend a day or two riding KSF before you head to the mountains, and it's a plus to speak to a local first before you head out anywhere crazy like Snowshoe or Canaan Valley.

    Regardless, you'll have a great time!

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