• 11-17-2017
    Where can I demo/rent these bikes in central/Eastern VA: EDIT: Compiling a list here
    I'm looking to demo or rent few bikes.

    2018 Giant Trance 2
    2018 Spec Enduro Comp 29
    2018 Kona Process AL/DL 29
    2018 Trek Remedy 8 27.5

    I'm gonna try to get new bike in 2018. Looking for better components, stiffer, stronger bike. More durable (Kona pivots rock) I'm really not sure what I want. That's why I want to test few different types.

    Now I have Giant Stance 1 27.5 I like it a lot. I'm 5-11, 230 lbs rider. I know rear triangle and fork flex under my weight. I ride trails, mostly around Williamsburg. some rocky in Richmond. I do 2-3 ft drops, and small jumps. Definitely want to progress to larger drops at some point.

    Anyways. That's some background.
    If you have other suggestions, please post.

    I figured as I find out who has what, I'll post it here:
    - Conte's Williamsburg: 2017 Stumpy 27.5, CF.
    Rate: $100/day
    - Blue Ridge Cyclery Charlottesville: Pivot Mach 429 Trail, Pivot Switchblade 29/27.5+, Full lineup of Trek Fuel EX.
    Rate: $60/day
  • 11-22-2017
    Only place in Richmond that demos bikes is Cary town bikes I️ think. Last time I was there they had a high end cannondale and a yeti 4.5(??) for demo

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  • 11-27-2017
    Hey man, where is home for you? I am in VB and we ride in Williamsburg and Richmond quite a bit. I know between me and my guys locally we have Enduro's (one of my buddy has a killer 2017 for sale), 2018 Reign and a SC HT/HTLT. I am not sure any of us are going to let you destroy them, lol, but if we can link up you are always welcome to spend some time aboard. Maybe meet us at Freedom the next time we go or something.

    Most of my buddies in that weight class are on the Enduro or HT, if you want to go 29. From Richmond to VB, I know that finding a shop with demo's is next to impossible.
  • 11-27-2017
    PM on the way!
  • 11-28-2017
    Blue Ridge Cyclery in Charlottesville has a full suite of Trek and Pivot demos. In fact, I think they're in the process of selling of last year's Pivot's now.
  • 11-28-2017
    Their website seem to be outdated. I'll give them a call tomorrow
    Thanks for the tip
  • 11-29-2017
    I called Blue Ridge today. I figured I'll post some info here as I confirm it. Might be useful to someone else besides me