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    Went on our first real trail ride yesterday

    Since we've gotten our MTBs my wife and I have only ridden on roads in the neighborhood, paved trails (C&D Canal trail) or highly groomed trails (Pompory Trail in Newark). However yesterday we decided to run up to the Fail Hill NRMA and ride a true single track trail. Keeping our fitness level and my wife's riding skills in mind, we decided on riding the "Red" trail which according to the map brochure was the easiest trail there.


    Talk about a world of difference from what we have been used to!

    My only real problem was some of longer climbs where I had to get off the bike and push it, and one certain large rock that jumped out in from of my front tire during a deeper creek crossing that caused me to have to bail off the side of the bike in the middle of the creek (and of course no dry shoes or sox) but I stayed on my feet!

    My wife on the other hand had a much steeper learning curve as that was her very first time riding on a true trail. Whenever we would approach a rooty or rough section we would stop and I would explain the proper line through the section and why, then demonstrate the line then stop and wait for her. Of course there were a few sections where she didn't feel comfortable trying, or I encouraged her to walk her bike through them using the best line so she would begin to get a feel for the best way through an area that wasn't smooth. Overall we had a good time and in the last quarter of the trail, she started riding some of the rougher sections instead of walking the bike through them.

    The last third of a mile or so of the trail looked to be a long somewhat gentle climb but it left me panting and noodle legged at the end, but I was able to make it.

    One thing for sure, that ride showed us how out of shape we were and how little endurance we have!

    We'll have to try it again in a week or two!

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    Great! Now you are hooked! Just get out there and ride; you get a little better each ride whether it is getting in better shape, or learning a new skill. You will look back upon those climbs, (from the top most likely), and wonder to yourself, "Why couldn't I make it up there, it's so easy!".

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