Virginia Creeper Trail question.-
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    Virginia Creeper Trail question.

    Hi guys,

    I am taking my wife to see her family in Virginia in the last part of August. She has just recently started riding bikes with me and found the Creeper Trail online and told me that she would like to ride it with me. She is able to do 15 mile of small inclines and downhills mixed. We both have Specialized Hybrid bicycles, she has an Ariel and I have a Crosstrail Sport. They both have 700X38 tires on them. I was wanting to know if any of you that have done this trail do you think these bikes with these tires will work fine? I have a full suspension mountain bike as well but she does not so I wanted to take the same style bike as her. I mentioned renting bikes but she really wants to take hers because we have it setup pretty good for her. Also I am trying to talk her into riding it uphill with me and would like to know what you guys think about that? If you think it will be to difficult or not for her as I do not know how much of an incline it is.

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    I haven't ridden Va Creeper, but have ridden a good bit of High Bridge State Park, which is another Rails-To-Trails in Virginia.

    The surface of High Bridge is a very fine hard-packed gravel, almost like pavement actually, so your hybrids should do fine. I just rode my XC race hardtail, with the fork locked out and a little more air than usual in the tires. Not ideal, but but seeing it is the only real bike I have.... DEFINITELY do not take the FS!

    The max grade on these things are 5%, and typically much less, so regardless of which direction you are going, just pick a gear where she can spin comfortably and enjoy.

    You can also save a lot of work by drafting like the road guys do. Follow about 6" to a foot off the rear wheel of the person in from of you. Get to one side or another a bit as crosswind dictates. If she goes behind, it will be easiest for her. My wife wasn't comfortable riding that close to me, and I am the fastest rider, so I followed her. It still helps the person in front. She did about 10mph on level without draft and 11.5 with.

    I got with three other old guys and formed a little peloton. We did about 16 in the peloton compared to 13 or 14 on our own. This is on mountain bikes.

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    You should be fine. The surface, for the most part, is fine cinder/gravel. If you take the shuttle to the top and come down to Damascus, be sure to plan on eating at the Creeper Diner, in Taylor's Valley. It is a great treat, and they really cater to bikers coming through.

    As far as riding uphill, I'm not sure. It's not done very often by many people. If you don't want to ride all down hill, ride the Damascus - Abingdon trail.

    Either way, the Creeper is one of the most beautiful rides you can make. I would recommend taking your time. As you cross all the bridges, you will want to stop and enjoy the views.


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