• 12-11-2011
    Which trail system is better: Fair Hill or White Clay
    Just wondering what people like better
    Hears what I life about both:
    White Clay- like riding on a baby's bottom; seems like someone goes behind you to sweep up any new dirt you may have kicked up. Also you can have speed on almost every trail through out the trail network
    Fair Hill- obviously the 100 miles of trail that is available. I always go exploring here. Not as rocky as the Watershed which probably is the biggest trail network, but has a little bit of everything.
  • 12-19-2011
    Visited Fair Hill this weekend for the first time. I prefer White Clay over Fair Hill. White Clay is easily marked making for a very efficient ride (less stopping and breaking out the map). Fair Hill has some nice singletracks when you find them. Seems like most of Fair Hill is easy firey roads and hoarse droppings everywhere.

    My favorite place is Marsh Creek. It has a mix of everything.