• 10-12-2018
    Spare scooter for Davis, WV
    We just bought an investment property in Davis, WV (Famous for 24hr of Canaan).

    We've been totting our FS bikes back and forth from Baltimore. Every ride the bikes are muddy AF and need a total go-over. I also want for a little more traction. We've only hit a few trails and, damn, that is some challenging stuff, mostly around Plantation.

    Question: would the benefit of FS squish outweight the 27.5+, or 29+ traction and ease of maintenance in an area like Davis? I want to leave the bike at the house after a quick rinse. I am thinking about a steel Kona Big Honzo with a 29+ front wheel/tire. Does snow riding really happen so much there requiring even bigger shoes?


    Is it more that I have not scratched the trail surface and you REALLY want FS in that area?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this!
  • 10-23-2018
    Id really go full squish. Maybe something like the SC hightower with a lifetime warranty and free bearings for life. A good friend rides his their (they have a cabin at black bear) and loves it with a dvo fork and push 11-6 shock.

    If you do go with a steel frame make sure you do treat the inside with frame saver to prevent rust.

    I used to hit davis several times a year. Ridden everything from singles speed, 26" 140mm travel trail bikes, and a 160mm travel 29.

    Best bike so far is the current niner rip9 RDO with a coil rear shock. I use schwalbe tires on stans flow rims that measure out to 2.45" Probably my favorite setup for there.
  • 10-24-2018
    Good advice! For procice and convenience I bought a Kona Big Honzo ST. I had some Weigles frame treatment so I will apply that....when I find the danged straw.

    I will be using a 27.5+ rear wheel for cush and traction but a 29 x 2.8 up front for better control. Also, I just don't like the smaller diameter at all. Otherwise, a normal bike that will get sprayed off and left in the basement.

    3 weeks ago I rode Plantation for the 1st time. A Magnolia branch grabbed my bar and tossed me to the rocks. I tore my Lateral Collateral Ligament. Hopefully there is nothing but good times after this.

  • 10-24-2018
    Bummer on the injury. I've been snagged buy the bushes several times there myself.

    I usually stick with the stuff on the other side of the road, CVI trails, moonrocks, hellbender and splash dam.

    I liked what I read about that kona. I prefer eccentric bottom bracket adjustments over sliding drop outs for single speed use though.

    Hope your wing heals up and have fun!
  • 10-24-2018
    Definitely get a 29 FS for WV mountains. Rocks, Rocks, Rocks...and mud....
  • 11-16-2018
    I rode Haul road to Splash dam this past weekend. Well, SD was a fair bit of walking but beautiful and it left me with a challenge on my mind. Used the new scooter and it was perfect. Thanks all.