Rode Iron Hill Tuesday

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  • 07-11-2019
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    Rode Iron Hill Tuesday
    Finally got off early enough during the week to make it over to Iron Hill. Started out by riding the trails that were along the Frisbee golf course. While the trails themselves were pretty dry, the field where I came out at, just below the bark park were super soft. While the tires didn't break through the grass, I was still spinning almost the whole way to the road.

    Took a break to cool off and hydrate (it was in the upper 80s with high humidity) then started exploring the other side. The trails there were a little soft so I turned around and tried the "downhill" trail. Well the only trouble with that is that you have to climb up a little over 100' (according to Trailforks) to get to the very top. Well for somebody as out of shape as I am, that little half mile climb took almost 20 minutes of root and rock bouncing! :yikes:

    Let me tell ya, at the top my thighs were :cryin::incazzato:& :nono:. Took another hydration break and decided that while the ride down would be fun, I didn't want to climb back up almost 200' in elevation if I followed the trail all the way around in the heat and humidity! So I turned around and had a nice decent back to the parking lot. Took another break then turned around and did it again.

    For my level of strength, skill and endurance, the Iron Hill area will be a great fall and early winter trail system, but because the breeze can't get down through the trees, it's a brutal ride in the summer heat and humidity!

  • 07-17-2019
    Nice! Great way to challenge yourself! Where is Iron Hill?
  • 07-21-2019

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    Nice! Great way to challenge yourself! Where is Iron Hill?

    Nice county park just south of Newark DE along I95.
  • 07-30-2019
    Fast Willy
    You should ride white clay/middle run. Climbs arent as bad & trails go forever.
  • 07-31-2019
    Went out to White Clay a couple of months ago. Ended up riding the "Red" trail which was the easiest with the wife. Quite a workout. Definitely going to pick it up a notch or two after the weather cools off.