Roanoke Area Riders: Very Important meeting tonight!

The City of Roanoke needs to hear from all of us concerning the 5 year master plan for Parks and Rec. Want trail expansion on Mill Mtn? Specific requests for trails at Carvins Cove? Want to see a bike park in the City? If we don't ask for it, we won't get it. Can't make it to tonight's meeting? Email your comments to:
[email protected]

Keep in mind this is for the City of Roanoke, not Salem, Roanoke Co, etc. So keep it to things within the City's limits. However, Carvin's Cove is Roanoke City property, so comments for that are also appropriate, and though it has it's own 5 years plan, this is still a good place to chime in.

See Roanoke IMBA's FB page:

Or Roanoke Outside:
Make The Great Outdoors Even Greater

Here is East Coaster's FB post about it:

Hope to see you there!