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    Relocate to Fredericksburg VA?

    Am looking at a company located here - and was curious about the number and proximity of trails in the immediate surrounding area? If I moved there, assuming it was a good area to live in, I would be inclined to live somewhere that gave me convenient access to trails.

    Is there aanything within a 30min drive or less, etc? Any resources that show trail locations? I found the IMBA site for the mid-atlantic off road group - but couldn't find an area map showing where the various trail locations are.

    I'm not exactly in a mountain biking mecca now, but there are two different 5-6 mile singletrack loops within 4 miles of my house. All other riding is at least an hour drive. I'd like to not move anywhere where trail access is worse than this.


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    We've got two. Lodi and Ferry Farm. Ferry Farm is just outside Fredericksburg proper, but depending on where in the lesser Fredericksburg area you live, that could be 20 minutes . Lodi is abotu 10 miles east of town of Route 3. Both are on private property. The Lodi property has been closed randomly this spring and closes so the owners can hunt in the fall. That said, the trail is very nice and the family allowing the trails is even nicer. Ferry Farm may be in peril, as someone got lost at night and wound up on the door step of one of the land owners, needless to say we do not have express permission to ride there. Both trails have 10+ miles.

    But, within 45 of Freddybury is Poor Farm in Ashland, Quantico on Quanitco Marine Corp Base and the Northern Virginia trails (Fountainhead is my favorite). Add an hour+ and MORE's trails in Maryland are in reach as are all of Richmonds trails.

    If you do come here let us know, I'm sure someone could show you the local trails.

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