My little niche in Pocahontas Co. WV-
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    My little niche in Pocahontas Co. WV

    If you don't mind driving about 20 minutes in nearly any direction to get to
    your trails for the day and you enjoy nature and wildlife at it's finest, then it
    is a perfect little hideaway from those cell phones and the daily rush, rush,

    Due to some unforseen issues we had to re-schedule our stay for Wednesday
    through Friday at out little niche and do some riding while there. It started
    raining on us before we even arrived at our little niche however we are
    always prepared for this kind of weather in Pocahonta County.

    In between showers we were able to set up camp and settle in just before
    the storms began. There would be no ride on Wednesday due to the nasty
    storms which seemed to come about an hour apart. However we enjoyed
    just sitting there taking in the sights and sounds and thinking of all the
    memories tied to this little place. Here is our campsite and the identity of
    our little niche.

    The next day the rain seemed like it was only going to be light showers so
    we rushed to get ready and drove about 15 minutes to Two Lick Trail near
    Rimel, WV. This is a sweet little singletrack that "davis" and his better half
    had showed me last year when Scott24 was unable to go. The big loop is
    only about 5 miles around however there is a center trail now (Two Lick
    Bottom trail) which can be added to make the distance greater. As you
    can see there is still some fog hanging in the bottom. Two Lick left or right.
    If you take the right you will see the next sign within 50 or 60 feet.

    This trail is non-technical however has a bunch of climbing with the reward
    being a couple miles of smooth mild downhill with little to no pedalling
    required. It is narrow singletrack through hardwoods, pines, blueberry
    bushes and laurel thickets with only a couple open areas. Be careful on
    some of the blind turns, you wouldn't want to meet someone at speed,
    but in the open woods let her go! What a blast... Also be prepared for
    several switchbacks that come up quickly as you descend. The switchbacks
    are tight and could be the most technical part of the whole trail system.
    These are a couple from the climb up. A couple were a bit tricky.

    We decided to ride the main loop (Two Lick Trail) counter clockwise so the longest
    portion would be downhill. The climb wasn't extremely difficult with only a couple
    steep places. About 1/3 of the way around this direction you will pass Two Lick
    Bottom Trail which disects Two Lick trail. Here is the trail head up on the mountain.
    (Note the bears seem to be leaving the new style plastic signs and non-treated posts
    alone and not eating them for the salt).

    Here are a couple of the steeper spots I spoke of.

    We rode past the upper intersection with Two Lick Bottom and continued to the top.
    Some of the woods up this climb are just beautiful and on a clear day there are at
    least two spots (overlooks) where you can see for miles. After reaching the top we
    were rewarded with lots of non-pedalling rolling singletrack. Around little knolls, through
    little gullies and sweeping through open woods. There is one spot on the loop
    where you will come out into an old logging road (tall grass covered with a single
    path up one lane) which in this direction is a short climb and then you take a left
    at the top of that short climb with a minor climb in the woods before starting down
    again. Blue diamonds mark this trails well.

    After returning to our beggining point we chose to start around again and this time
    take Two Lick Bottom trail from the top. Here is at the same sign we started at
    but looking to the left where we came out at speed.

    We climbed that first 1/3 of the mountain and then took a left onto Two Lick Bottom
    trail (pictured earlier) and began our descent. This trail will sweep back and forth
    around trees with a few tight spots (my wide handlebars made it no problem) with
    a couple switchbacks thrown in for good measure and then dumps you out in the
    ravine where you follow the creek back to the begining. Whatever you do, Do Not
    Attempt To Ride Across any Bridges. They are always as slick as ice. Scott24
    discovered he couldn't even walk up one that had a ramp on it. We went around
    where it appeared someone had ridden horses. There are at least three on Two Lick
    Bottom. Then there is one when you enter the system from the parking area and one
    more when you take a right a go about 50 feet past the Two Lick Bottom sign going
    counter clockwise.

    When we arrived at the bottom of Two Lick Bottom we decided it wasn't enough so
    we turned around and rode up Two Lick Bottom and then took a left on the main
    trail so we could do the long rolling downhill again. This made for some good mileage
    and gave us an idea for the next time we visit this sweet little singletrack.

    A figure 8 would be great. Enter, ride up Two Lick Bottom Trail, take a right onto Two
    Lick and blast back down the mountain to the begining, go back up Two Lick Bottom
    and this time take the left on Two Lick and do that portion last. And if that's not enough
    just turn around and ride Two Lick clockwise. Believe me, you won't think you are on
    the same trail going the opposite direction.

    There was only one large tree down on the entire system at this time and
    it was on the uphill grind in the direction we rode.

    After a great afternoon of riding with only one very light shower it was
    time to head back to camp and a stop along the way to pick this awesome
    batch of Golden Chanterelles to enjoy. (Extremely delicious !)

    While we enjoyed our rain free dinner I took a couple pics of our dinner

    And after dinner we laughed about at this photo of a mailbox we found just a short
    distance north of Pocahontas Campground on Rt.92 where Two Lick Trail is located.

    That night the storms rolled in. No wind to speak of however the lightning was a
    bit scary and the rain came down extremely hard. By 2 am the thunder had passed
    and the rain made it easy to sleep. The next morning was looking better with a few
    open spots in the sky. We loaded up camp since we needed to be home on Friday
    night and headed north to attempt a ride at Spruce Knob.

    We stopped by Elk River Touring Center to see our friend "davis" and look at the new
    Maverick ML-8 bikes they are now renting. It was good to see davis again and what
    a bike that ML-8 is. Gil and the crew there at ERTC sure make you feel welcome
    any time you stop by. I may just have to rent one of those ML-8's just to see
    how it rides on those Slatyfork trails.

    As we neared the top of Spruce Knob a storm had moved in and the clouds looked
    bad. Within a few minutes 50 to 60 mph winds were blasting us with treelimbs and
    the heavy rain. By the look of the clouds to the east this rain would be here for a
    while so we chose to cancel our ride plans and get off the mountain while we could.
    It rained on us the rest of the way to Elkins and then showered on us all the way home.

    Even though the rains attempted to dampen our spirits we had a great three days, an
    awesome ride on a mild singletrack for a change and we're already making plans for our
    next short trip to our little niche in Pocahontas County WV. This campground is
    where we were staying when my kids and I ventured out on our first singletrack rides
    back in the late 90's. It riding was a great feeling then and has never lost it's luster
    to me or many I ride with.

    Beaver Creek Campground is located on the backside of Watoga State Park and is
    easy to access off Rt.39 at Huntersville,WV just a few miles east of Marlinton. The
    best campsites are the ones out in Calvin Price State Forest and are still part of the
    campground. The shower / restroom / dishwashing facilities are excellent and very
    clean. And best of all, I haven't found a cell phone that works anywhere around there.

    Two Lick Trail is located about 15 minutes east of Huntersville near Rimel WV, take
    92 south to the tiny Pocahontas Campground. Park in the first parking spot on the
    left and you will see the trail entrance near the sign/map board. You will ride the
    access trail, carefully walk across the first bridge and ride a short distance till you
    reach the fork in the trail (photos above). Of course there are hundreds of miles of
    singletrack throughout the area which are not far from the campground.

    Enjoy mountain biking and life to it's fullest because life is short. This trip was
    dedicated to my sons grandmother, (my X's mother) and still one of my closests
    friends who passed away earlier this week at the young age of 62. She dearly loved
    Pocahontas County and shared my little niche several times over the years. She
    will be dearly missed but not forgotten. And good memories always abound at my
    little niche in Pocahontas County WV, Beaver Creek Campground and the trails
    that abound.

    Ride on !

    Caffeine ! "Do stupid things faster and with more energy" ! !

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    nice loop

    when I was down that way in june I parked in the pinic area off of 39 in rimel then rode the road up to 92 and did that same loop then rode back and did the nine mile loop from the picnic area I believe its the laurel creek trail.The funny thing is on the way there a mail carrier came extremly close to us when we saw the mail box we realized wy he was so bitter.but it was a great couple of trails to loop together.

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    Thanks for sharing the pics, wish you had called me prior to your arrival...oh well, I understand, and glad you stopped by. If I'm not mistaken that mailbox on #92 is probably 30 or 40 feet up that rock slope and has "BILLS" written on the side.

    Nice chanties you picked, wonder how you knew to look there?

    Tictac- When will you be back in the area?
    "Sufficient to have stood, yet free to fall."
    -John Milton, Paradise Lost

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    next visit to heaven

    I'll be down august 10-17 would love to get some riding in I kinda know my way around a little now

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    Thank you for sharing your niche, that was a great report but you know, it could have been anywhere.
    The special thing is the strength of your family bonds.
    I'm sorry for your loss, but at the same time I envy all the hours you and Scott are spending together on the trail.
    Ride on, brother.

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