Mtn bikers urban assault (agressive tour) of DC-
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    Mtn bikers urban assault (agressive tour) of DC

    Scott24 and I had to be within 15 miles of DC for a wedding on Sept. 8th, so
    I started making plans to go over to DC on Sunday for a few hours before
    heading back to WV.

    After contacting Crashedandburned a few months ago (He lives fairly close
    to DC and has ridden there before), he offered to met us there and give us
    tour through DC mountain bike style. I had not thought about bringing the
    mountain bikes on this trip but thought, why not? It sure would beat walking
    and since Crashedandburned volunteered to be tour guide we decided to give
    it a shot. I mean we ride some nasty trails in WV, we should be able to
    handle a few steps and pavement.

    Plans had come together and the day was at hand. We met C&B and
    Wendy at about 7:45 a.m. on the north side of the Capital Building and
    parked along Constitution Ave. (which is allowed on weekends without a

    After a few greetings and introductions it was time to gear up for our first time urban assault, mountain bike style, of DC.

    We started our "tour" by checking out a few of the views from the front of the Capital
    Building and then attacked the steps before heading to the area below the Capital.

    Awesome Views ! It has been about 35 years since I had been in DC and Scott24 had
    never been there let alone ridden a bike there.

    Here we enjoyed some more steps on our way toward the Washington Monument.

    After repairing a flat tire I got from spinning out on one of those steps while trying to climb
    them, we made our way along the south side of the National Mall, checking out steps,
    curbs, drops etc. along the way. Scott24 can ride some wicked rocks but found jumping
    steps into loose gravel a little tricky a wore the results the rest of the day.

    Here we are at the Washington Monument a little while after his mishap.

    To use his favorite quote: It's always funny till someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious !

    Here we check out one of the memorials where they don't allow you to ride your bike
    through. We then made our way to the Lincoln Memorial you see in the background.
    There was a Freedom Walk beginning in front of the Memorial so we had to dismount
    and walk up to see the Lincoln Memorial.

    Since the bridge to Arlington National Cemetary was closed for the walk we decided to
    go see the White House. We had a bunch of fun making our way there. First to the

    Then to the back........

    We then rode back across the National Mall, up to the Lincoln Memorial and down the
    path along the Potomac River and over to Jackson Memorial. After checking out the
    Memorial we rode some more steps and took in a few of the views before continuing on.

    We decided to make out way back toward trucks so we could pick up our bike locks
    and then check out some museums now that it was time for them to open.

    We enjoyed a few hours in the Air and Space Museum, although I had trouble keeping
    the kids under control...... "No C&B, those pedals don't work the same"! "Get out of
    there before you break something" ( Just funnin' C&B )

    We rode to the other side of the Mall and checked out some of the displays in the
    Museum of Natural History before our time limit had arrived. Our tour guides (C&B and
    Wendy) had us back to the truck at our scheduled time so we could get back to WV
    at a decent hour.

    Scott24 and I had a great time riding urban assault through Washington and were able to
    see so much more by ripping around from point to point on the bikes while enjoying the
    jumps, steps, fast dirt trails, crashes, etc. etc. on the way.

    Our thanks go out to Crashedandburned and Wendy for taking the time to ride with us
    while showing us around an amazing place.

    Caffeine ! "Do stupid things faster and with more energy" ! !

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    Glad to help out!!!

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    I must say I love riding in D.C. I live a bit north but I will just drive down to College Park, ride the metro in and ride around all day. Although I tend to do this on my fixie the sentiment is there... but I do avoid the staris. If you ever go back try going into the city and dodging traffic for an hour or so. That is a special kind of thrill.

    Another thing you have to see are these maniacs who play softball in the grass areas of the mall between the museums. Aluminum bats and all. It boggles the mind. I mean, you wouldn't see a team taking batting practice at the beach. No, someone could get hurt. But nobody seems to care. I picture myself riding behind whatever they are using for home plate and a screaming foul ball comes through what should be a backstop and KILLS ME. Ok, I'm done.

    Glad you had fun. Come back soon.

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    Nice! IMO mtb is the best way to do the whole DC touring thing. It even looks like you managed to catch a nice day without crowds. Also, thanks for not riding through the monuments, etc. I'd hate to get the NPS ticked off at mtbers/sightseers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redandy
    Also, thanks for not riding through the monuments, etc. I'd hate to get the NPS ticked off at mtbers/sightseers.
    They were good enough to put up signs letting us know where they didn't want us riding,
    so we pushed our bikes in those areas. That's fair enough for us. We really enjoyed it
    and will certainly go back. I'll definately do it on a Sunday morning again. The crowds
    were small even with a cultural thing going on and a Freedom Walk near the Lincoln

    Caffeine ! "Do stupid things faster and with more energy" ! !

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