• 11-19-2017
    Looking for a sort of high end rental in Northern MD or Deleware for next week?
    As the title states. Im going back MD for a few days and really dont feel like lugging my bike around for such a short trip with limited riding days.

    Im probably gonna go hit White Clay Creek and trails in that area because ive rode susquehanna state park and surrounding trails a lot.

    Anyone know of any bike shops that rent out deceit builds in that area or in northern MD i might be able to pick up on the way. Seems like slim pickings in this area of the country
  • 11-20-2017
    There is a Trek Bike shop in Newark DE (formerly BikeLine) and I know BikeLine did rentals, not sure if they still do since switching to a Trek only shop.

    I'd also call Henrys Bikes I don't know if they do rentals but I think there is some kind of demo fleet. The owner Matt is a really good guy and might be able to point you in the right direction if he doesn't have anything. Plus side is you can ride into WCC from the parking lot.
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  • 12-17-2017
    both places had rentals. trek had ht and fs. Henrys only had ht. Trek was in the process of selling off there rental fleet