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    Looking for some spots to ride in MD over vacation...

    Taking a week off towards the end of September, got some time I need to use. Figure what better way to properly break in my new Kona than ride it all day, every day for a week!

    Anyway I've got a few spots planned... Patapsco of course, Germantown/Schaeffer farms and Catoctin mountain. Also I'll head up to Micheaux forest outside of Gettysburg.

    Any other spots I should take in? Around/near some of the areas I mentioned? I plan to be out all day, so multiple nearby spots are ideal. Might ride the canal trail too.

    Also, anything east of the Chesapeake Bay would be nice.

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    almost nothing east of the Chesapeake Bay. At least on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You have Naylor Mill in Salisbury. But that only has about 7 miles of trail. Check out Fair Hill in Northeast Maryland and White Clay in Delaware. About 15 minutes from Fair Hill. Fair Hill has over 100 miles of trail and White Clay has the smoothest trails you can think of. gpstrailsource.com has nice trail maps of both.
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    pretty sure Catoctin is off limits to bikes. Gambrill and the Watershed are right there and choice spots to ride.

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    [Catoctin trail](Catoctin Trail Maryland Trail Reviews) is open to bikes. I've heard it's rocks with a bit of dirt tossed in, supposedly really technical trail.

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    Greenbrier's just down The road from Gambrills. Them rocks are smaller the trails a little faster. Camping available.

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    The tow path would be a nice evening/cool down ride, very accessible at many locations along its length. You could spend most of your time at the Shed and not be disappointed. There is a nice Sfarm/Black Hills ride linked by some road riding in Mo Co.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBaxter View Post
    [Catoctin trail](Catoctin Trail Maryland Trail Reviews) is open to bikes. I've heard it's rocks with a bit of dirt tossed in, supposedly really technical trail.
    It is open to bikes in Gambrill State Park and the Frederick Municipal Watershed. It's closed to bikes north of the US 15 overlook (if you ride past it, you won't miss it). The best place for information is the MORE page. Check out the Gambrill page and the watershed page. There are a lot of places to ride in Maryland, but many of them are smaller trail systems, and you can really only ride up to two hours or so. There are a few places you can string together longer rides, and they are building a few connector trails that enable longer rides. If you want destinations, you'll have to go a bit further afield: GW National Forest in VA, Raystown Lake in PA, and a few others.

    Where will you be staying? How far are you willing to drive? How long do you want to ride? Will you be splitting your days?

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    We the people ... Catoctin Info

    Just to clarify WashedUp's comment, he was referring to the Catoctin Mountain Park as being off limits to bikes. The Catoctin Trail runs south to north starting in Gambrill State Park, going through the Frederick Municiple Forest (a.k.a. The Frederick Watershed), then through Cunningham Falls State Park and ending in Catoctin Mountain Park. Only the portions in Gambrill and the Frederick Watershed are open to bikes. The mountain that all of these parks are located on is collectively know as Catoctin. Confused yet?!

    Anyway, the Gambrill trail system is easiest to navigate since it is blazed. The Frederick Watershed has more miles, variety and challenge, but the only marked trail is the Catoctin Trail, so if you don't know your way around, hooking up with a ride will insure you find the good stuff. Michaux is a great place to ride but even harder to navigate without some inside knowledge.

    The Catoctin Trail itself has some great sections and some stuff that is just laid over old washed out, rocky logging roads. Those portions are dirt and technical but aren't exactly singletrack. That said, it is still good, challenging stuff, but there are lots of hidden, unmarked gems in the Watershed that will bring big smiles to your face.

    If you check on the MORE website, you'll likely find a ride you can hook up with. Also post up here when you will be around and a local guide may be able to be arranged.

    As StageHand mentioned, the George Washington National Forest is another awesome place to ride. Trails are fairly well marked and you can get maps. The Fort Valley/Elizabeth Furnace area is just west of Front Royal, VA and the closest to where you'll be. You could ride there for a week by itself.

    Catoctin Trail in the Frederick Watershed

    Mountain Biking the Catoctin Trail by sso, on Flickr

    George Washington National Forest

    George Washington National Forest by sso, on Flickr

    Super Sweet Trail in the Frederick Watershed

    Jeff Jones on Rock Candy by sso, on Flickr
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