Looking for my first mtb

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  • 04-17-2018
    Looking for my first mtb
    Im looking for a mtb with a budget of $1500. need help getting a bike that can handle my size

    im 6ft2in 330lbs weight is coming down started out 6months ago today at 382.

    want to get a bike thats going to last me awile as my weight goes down

    thanks for any help

    Also from Manassas va
  • 05-02-2018
    Go to a local bike shop and talk to them to see what they have. I would imagine a hardtail with plus sized tires would be a pretty good option (something like a Salsa Timberjack (27.5+) or Trek Stache (29+)) would be what you're looking for. Not sure on the exact pricing of those two bikes, but they should be available around the $1500 range, if not new, then perhaps a model year old.