,X-Post with another forum but I mixed the pics up a bit

Saturday I got a ride in the national forest, so Sunday’s ride was a gim-me. Weather forecast had been not very good so chores had been forecast. Turned out to be good weather – the last before Sandy roared in. Chores could wait.

Last of the leaf color

Big Sunny Trail

Big Sunny as a trail name has not stuck very well; previously known as “Car Trail” or “Junk Car Trail”. Mountain biker names are usually more practical than city planner names.

I always have thought the road that bridges over itself is cool

The top

Ridgeline Trail

Monument Trail

Ridgeline Trail

Virginia Pine

Wood Thrush, previously known as “Water Tank” trail

Bottom part of Wood Thrush was just added with a little pump track design thrown in

Self Posieur Pic

Return on Greenway

Ice factory has been rebuilt as greenway side apartments, with craft beer tavern coming soon. A block away East Coasters is going to move their bike shop to the old transportation museum, also on the greenway. A few more pedal strokes to my duplex, also on the greenway. Greenways are great.