the last canaan ride for '08?-
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    the last canaan ride for '08?

    ...well I can just about say to all the riding pals I've met this past summer/fall, thanks for the awesome times! I seriously had a freakin blast riding with y'all this summer and hope to ride with y'all more next year! Call me a fair-weather rider, go ahead i know.. but i spend like 93.4% of my free time in the canaan area which is a snowy little wonderland making riding almost non-existant on good winters and pretty much all the signs seem to be pointing towards a great one! This weekend could be the turning point with the snow in the fcast, and its not out of the question that we might not see the ground again till april! I hope to be able to ski on all the trails we rode this summer tho like in dolly sods, blackwaterfalls and canaan mountain... hell maybe even moonrock!

    the last ride of '08?
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    Your right, I had a blast meeting and riding with new friends too. Looking forward to next year's trips/rides. Maybe see you on the slopes in a few weeks.
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    We have already enjoyed our last ride in that area for this year. And Malibu
    and I are the ones who need to thank you ( Oldnoob ) for being an awesome
    host on several of those rides. I learned and enjoyed more trails in that area
    than ever before. Never knew so much more exisited there. I am looking
    forward to joining up with you and the others as soon as the weather breaks
    this spring.

    It has been a pleasure riding with you and all the others we have met this
    year, thanks to I'll be around constantly watching for
    opportunities to hit the local trails closer to home. Maybe I'll even get into
    the XC skiing thing and join you on a ride or two.

    Think Spring !

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    OR....come down our way and ride... Patapsco, White Clay, Fairhill, Rosaryville, Shaffer, Water Shed... We rode together at the shed with the MORE group right? See ya next year on a ride or two if ya can't make it down our way...


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    Not done yet...

    I can hardly wait to ski myself - but I love cold weather riding too. I expect to get a few more rides in up in the Valley snow or no snow. Last year when I hooked up with superfrenchie after Thanksgiving for a ride around Canaan Valley State Park - it was 6 degrees with a dusting of snow and ice. Our Camelbacks froze. Needless to say, it was quite a memorable ride. This year, I'm getting ready to make my first set of homebrewed studded tires. I can hardly wait for some snow riding.


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    yeah cabledude love love love the watershed! thats got "weekday play hooky from work" written all over it this winter. odn, got some newly discovered "trails" in store for ya next year that I think you will love! repo, i guess i am just overly optimistic and i think it starts this weekend!
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