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    Kennison Mountain Spring Cleanup?

    I haven't heard anyone mention recently if Kennison Mountain in WV is still a mess. I'm guessing it is. With High country riding dwindling down due to the season, thinking about next year. Anyone else interested in a cleanup weekend over there in the spring sometime? I have my chainsaw certification and would be willing to donate a weekend sometime. I usually help NMan with Dragons Back and Mountain Mama ('Douthat) races and pre-race cleanup in April and May, but could probably find a weekend sometime if others are interested. Something to think about over the winter. I think it would take at least 3 sawyers (+ swampers) to clean it up.

    I don't feel like I got the true Kennison Mtn experience with the Slatyfork Shuffle crew last spring, as we spent most of our time climbing over and through log tangles.

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    I'd be willing to lend a hand, just name the time and place.
    That's one of my favorite trails.
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    Hey CCR, I'm in ! I was trying to get contact with the ranger over there through davis to see if we could get a key to the gate at Frosty Gap. Kyle ( I believe that is NMan ) had been communicating with me and was wanting to bring about three guys, one may have been you, to clean it up in early Oct. but we never got a response from the ranger.

    I say we do it without the ranger. I have access to a bob trailer so we wouldn't have to walk the entire thing. Just let me know as well and I'll make arrangements to be there for a weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigCreekRider

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    Yeah, that trail needs to be cleaned, it's awesome (except with 456 blowdowns). I don't have the cert., but I have a Stihl and I could probably borrow a Bob trailer as well.
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    I'd be up for coming out to help. Kennison is a great trail when you can actually ride the whole length of it.

    I also have a small bow saw that makes quick work of 5" branches & such. Not as fast as a chainsaw but a whole lot lighter!
    So I guess we would wait for spring to do this since I would imagine more trees will fall over the winter time.
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