PLEASE help us in the New River Gorge fight to get more trail access in the gorge! The National Park Service is going through their General Management Plan revision which outlays the future of the park. As it stands right now the voice on trails is slim in our area and they need your input. If we do not speak out we could loose the ability to get more trails in our area. This is of the utmost importance! Here are some points you can speak about and then the link is below:

• Remove the “Front Country/Back Country” designations. – The definitions of these areas decreases or eliminates the possibility for future trail development.
• Keep all existing trails open to Mountain bikers – There are already a limited number of trails and taking away any severely limits the single track experience
• Make the GMP note specific changes for Mountain Bikers. – Of all the outdoor activities (climbing, hiking, boating, camping) we have the least opportunities in the park
• Complete the through the park trail. – The previous GMP already had a “Through the park trail” in it. Lets not act like this is a “new idea” and finish the project.

Remember these are DUE no later than Christmas and we only need a few hundred comments in support of Mountain Biking to change the plan. Lets show them we mean business and make this happen. Call or Email anyone and everyone you know to help support this cause! Here is the link