• 07-09-2018
    Harrisonburg 7/12 for a couple hours
    any ride suggestions? Ive been reading about Narrowback, Lookout, Massanuttin. Anyone closer to town than another? Also not really feeling like wandering around va, Any of these have better signage than the other?

    Will there be anybody out on trails like this on a Thursday afternoon?

    Also need a rental shop suggestion.
  • 07-11-2018
    Both Narrowback and Lookout have that out in the wilderness feel. Can't go wrong with either. Both have good signage. Massanutten is a bit closer to town then Narrowback and Lookout. All 3 are easy to get to. Depending on where you park, Lookout has a good paved climb to start. I wasn't a fan of that, but it won't kill you. In my opinion Lookout might have a few more scenic views than Narrowback. Massanutten has a good mixture of riding, and also the 2K trail. You will need a day pass for Massanutten which can be gotten on-line, or at Shenandoah Bicycle Company, or at the resort itself. As for rentals I'm not really sure. Maybe someone else can help you with that info. Enjoy your ride.