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    Good MTB Shop Near Collage Park MD?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could share recommendations for a competent shop near Collage Park MD that is able to handle more MTB-specific repairs. I've had great luck with Proteus Bikes in the past, but recently their very competent lead mechanic left, causing wait times on both diagnostics and service to shoot up. To be honest, I also don't feel quite as confident in the shop with the lead mechanic gone, as they had significant experience working on MTB stuff in the past.

    I've heard good things about both Patapsco Bikes and Trailwerks, but both are a pretty good drive, especially with the kind of traffic we have around here (can be 45min-1h with traffic). When I last had suspension service done, both were also a good bit more expensive than Proteus (when the lead mechanic was still there). Would the price premium/increase in drive time be worth it to check out Ptap Bikes or Trailwerks? Are there any other shops in the area I should check out?


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    trailwerks is the real deal with a VERY strong suspension program. They also are building trails like madmen. Great group of guys.

    I refuse to comment on Patapsco Bikes.

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    I've never even heard of Proteus, but my initial reaction is to ask if you've talked to them? I'd let them know that you have concerns since their head mechanic left and ask what they're doing to fill that void. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water, at least until you're sure there is.

    I know fine folks from both Patapsco and Trailwerks.

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    Trailwerks definitely know their way around suspension and I do really like all the trail building they've done - I don't think Bacon Ridge would have happened if they hadn't spearheaded the project. My only issue I've had with them in the past (though only over the phone) was when asking about doing some damper reshiming for a plusher feel.

    They immediately shot the idea down, saying messing with the damper shim stack was a bad idea and nothing good could come from it, despite my saying that the recommended change came directly from the manufacturer and had widely been reported as a positive change online. That said, I'm sure they do good work - I might just end up dealing with the drive and giving them a shot.

    For Proteus, I did ask if they were planning on bringing on a new head mechanic. They said they were not, and instead planed on training their current staff to work on more complex repairs. That's perfectly fine, but it seems like it may take a little while for them to get back up to speed. Even then, training doesn't quite equal experience. I guess the best thing right now is to wait a bit and see how things go with them - I would like to maintain the good relationship I already have with the shop.

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    Yo! Mike from TrailWerks here...

    We don't reshim dampers as every conversation we've had with Push, RockShox, Fox, etc over the years they say they don't like the idea. Push stopped doing custom tunes because there's no way to proscribe an outcome and they ended up double and triple tuning rear shocks for people who ended up not happy. There's a bunch of stuff we can do to change the way the suspension feels, however.

    Regarding suspension service in general, we are the only shop in the region doing everything in-house. We have a tank of nitrogen with some custom fill tooling and a vacuum bleeder along with all the fluids, seal kits, damper kits and upgrade stuff you could want. We can make changes and you can do drops and jumps or just pedal around on our mile of rad trail behind the shop. Bacon Ridge is just 3 miles away as well.

    We are familiar with Proteus and Patapsco Bikes as well as we see mountain bikes from all the local shops in here for suspension and pivot service.

    TrailWerks Cyclery
    TrailWerks Suspension Service

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