Freeride Scene in the Centreville Area (LOTS OF PICS!!)-
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    Freeride Scene in the Centreville Area (LOTS OF PICS!!)

    Well we've been working a little bit lately on the trails and here are some pics.

    1. six pack at the powerlines (6-10 foot gaps) and on the right is the larger 2 pack

    2. dirt jumps again

    3. small road gap right next to each other, left is steeper that than the right one and its about an 8 foot gap.

    4. fireroad leading to drops/northshore stunt area

    5. new 5 foot drop

    6. another view of the 5 footer

    7. 7 foot gap jump after the 5 foot drop and leads into another jump that jumps across a 2.5 foot ladder drop

    8. pic of the 2.5 foot drop

    9. 3.5 foot high ladder to a drop at the end

    10. landing of the 2.5 foot drop

    11. 2.5 foot drop again, jump on right...

    12. tree that you can ride on then drop off of (8 feet high towards the end)

    13. 12 foot tall wallride (not very long but i can get to the top with my front wheel and thats fun)

    14. super tech skinny to a 3 foot drop/ on the right is another ladder that leeds to a 3 foot drop

    15. 4.5 foot high ladder to a 3 foot drop

    16. take off of the two 3 foot drops

    17. run up to the 5 foot drop

    18. flat area on the 5 foot drop right before you drop off

    19. landing of the 5 footer

    20. the bigger set (just two doubles) and no those are not our bulldozers the cable company just parked them there

    We also have another 4.5 drop to a hill, a 10 foot drop with an 8 foot gap which is just insane, a 4 foot rock drop, rock gardens, a singletrack style 4x course which is overgrown with grass right now (due to the rain) but is still rideable, a gnarly downhill section that we use to practice for races which is about 6 seconds long if you do it good but we use what we got, a 20 foot table top down by the creek , and this weekend we are working on a 12 foot ladder drop. :evil:

    If you want to come ride with us or help us build stuff I'd be happy to P.M. you the directions if you p.m. me but the stuff is scattered over a radius of about a mile.

    My friend and I are the only dedicated riders around and we would love to have some more regulars ride with us! Thanks for checking out the pics and there should be twice as much stuff by the end of ths summer.


    btw heres the link to the slideshow if for some reason those links don't work but they don't have descriptions

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    Man, that northshore stuff looks sweet. i wish i didnt have to go back to school soon or i would come help you all build. Where exactly is centreville in VA?

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    about 5 miles southeast of fairfax

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    where exactly in centerville is it. i'm pretty much a wheels-on-the-ground kinda guy but I would like to take the plunge and give some of that stuff a try.

    now if i could only find an airbag for my bike....

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    nice job man, glad to finally see some more freeriders in the virginia area. is that tractor in the picture yours?
    Looking for a 7.87 x 2.25mm shock, any brand any age that runs well!! cheap would be appreciated!

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    hey man that is some sweet stuff im in manassas and i want to go riding with more people in the area i could come ride with you and help build if you need any help..PM me if you need any help building!!!

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    How do I get to these killer trails from Fairfax, VA? Much thanks.

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