Finally Rode The Shed-
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    Finally Rode The Shed

    I have to say I'm quite impressed, and I only saw probably half dozen miles of trails. I was supposed to meet up with a couple of guys from the Ridemonkey forum for some shuttling but showed up a few mins late and at the wrong spot. Oops. Regardless, after being tempted onto the trails by myself I headed off and promptly ended up lost.

    My trusty hardtail was taxed by the rock gardens and jumps but I survived with only a bad case of arm pump to show for my trouble. Hell if I know where I was though. I'm now convinced of three things....

    1. I'm going to be riding there a lot more since it's only an hour away...

    2. A dedicated downhill/freeride full susser will be coming as soon as I can afford it (not because it's absolutely necessary but because it would be fun as hell)....

    3. I need to ride up there with people who know their way around so I don't end up lost and having to eat my own arm to avoid starvation.

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    I am ashamed of myself for not having ridden up there yet. Maybe if the weather cooperates this weekend. And if I am able to get my essay written for class. Anyone have a canned epistemology paper on "The Assayer" from Galileo? lol

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    I've got a few scars from the Shed. And a f.u. wrist. Fun stuff.

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    I have ridden up there once with someone who knew there way around. Its fun.

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    The biggest disappointment had to be the placement of the lifts. I couldn't find a single one!!

    Someone's gonna hear about this, and I want my money back!!

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    Still waiting for my fork to get back to me then I'll be up there alot..

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