Finally, I'm back and with a working bike-
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    Finally, I'm back and with a working bike

    After 3 weeks without riding because I had the flu and then a respiratory infection, and then one ride that saw the near demise of my bottom bracket and rear hub, AND THEN a week and a half with the bike being serviced, I have returned.

    *and there was much rejoicing*

    But really, I want to make sure I point out (hopefully without jinxing myself) that Princeton Sports over on Falls Road really did their best to take care of my bike and make sure I was satisfied. A while back I had a defective rear wheel that I was unhappy with, they trued it, but I was still worried about it going *bang*. Well they offered to have the whole rear wheel replaced last week and earlier tonight I went to pick up the bike.

    The rear wheel is a Sun Singletrack 36h special ordered and handbuilt (apparently) with heavier gauge spokes, a slightly upgraded rear hub (newer model Deore), 4-cross lacing, and black nipples that seem twice as long as the old ones. Upon my initial ride and a bit longer spin earlier tonight I can say that so far it actually feels sturdier than the first wheel and is very true. Knock on wood, I hope it lasts.

    In conclusion, the guys at Princeton did a good job making sure I was treated well. Corey, the backflipping BMXer, hooked it up and saw that it all went smoothly. On a side note, they also seem to have fixed my clicking bottom bracket (probably needed a reinstall).

    Thumbs up!

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    I am happy to here that you are satisfied. Now that you have everything back together, theres only one thing to do, ride. But I dont think its going to happen now seeing that it is raining.....raining a lot. Why Why does it need to rain. Blah. Haha.

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    I'm going to check out Loch Raven tomorrow but I suspect it will be fairly soupy. Might be pretty fun in the slop though as it's usually not too bad due to LR draining into the reservoir (i.e. trails drain pretty well). So, may hit that up.

    Thanks for your help too btw.

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    I recommend letting the trails dry completely out before going out to LR. Riding on muddy trails really contributes to their deterioration, which can cause problems for us riders down the road. I'm not preaching to you, just trying to make a sound recommendation so we can ride 5 years from now.

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    I understand the argument that is made for not riding totally soggy trails, especially high traffic trails, but generally I think LR is dry enough in most places that it isn't a problem. There's areas that are always wet near the stream crossings and I do my best to not actually ride through the muddy holes, but the rest of the trails I think are fine. Albeit from a non-geologist standpoint of course, but I have indeed given it thought.

    My views on both trail access and trail errosion aren't exactly in line with IMBA. Believe me I don't want to come off like a militant uneducated douchebag, but I also think that a very strong argument can be made that mountain biking, the actual act of riding, doesn't create as much damaging erosion as, say, a new development of houses that lack proper/regulatory sediment-control techniques or even the rain itself coming and washing away soil naturally (as rain done since the beginning of time). Nor do I think it's a great thing to self-subscribe to the belief that as a rider I'm a criminal doing some harm that should be held front and center as a scapegoat while others do far worse but act as though only those above reproach can point a finger.

    The hell with that, let's point a finger now.

    Ok so I'm kind of militant, I admit it. I've been riding LR since '93 and the trails are virtually identical. In fact some of my favorite little rock jibs on some of the fireroads are still there. Whether that's because people stay off the trails or not after a rain is anyone's guess, but I suspect it's not if I were to take an informal "jump a rider" poll and ask.

    Anyhow, it's late, I'm cranky. I welcome any comments in favor of my own comments, or otherwise.

    See ya on the trails (maybe not wet ones though, hehe)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Butter Topping
    There's areas that are always wet near the stream crossings and I do my best to not actually ride through the muddy holes, but the rest of the trails I think are fine.
    Ride through the puddles, not around. Even better (but not always possible), stop and collect some rocks and do a quick repair job.

    Riding around mud holes makes the trails wider. Keep the singletrack tight and narrow.
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