I'm thinking of visiting Fayetteville in a few weeks for the first time in a very long time and I'm thinking about possible routes for a ride. I'd like to include the the part of Kaymoor trail near Kaymoor Top but I've learned that the NPS has closed the section from Fayette Station Road to the mine site.

So as I've been thinking about alternatives I've noticed there's a half mile long hiker-only trail called Kaymoor Miner's Trail that could get me where I want to go. But there' that whole "hiker only" part. ..

So one question I have: Anyone know if it would be OK with the NPS if I just walked/carried my bike down that trail? If so does is anyone familiar enough with the trail to say whether or not walking/carrying a bike down the trail is a practical thing to even attempt?

Alternately, anyone with local knowledge know of a better way to incorporate Kaymoor into a loop that also includes the Arrowhead trail system and the Fayetteville Trail?