• 10-08-2019
    Fall time TIRE-trail and temperatures, weather conditions, leaves, moisture, etc.
    Vittoria, Continental, Maxxis, etc. in the last year or so have new tires. Some have upgraded their compounds, some seemingly just changed patterns.
    Who has a mousse/pool noodle type thing in their tire? What works and is not horrible to install? Worth it?
    I have some skill at installing tires. I try hard to not have someone else install my tubeless tires. Plenty of lube seems to be of importance along with inflation device and chuck.
    Tires like Vittoria with anti pinch/rim protection work?
    I ride fountainhead and George Washington National Forrest mostly so a variety of surfaces on a 140mm bike. Rider weight 170-80. 29 mm internal rim width.
    My frame should take up to a 2.6 tire 2016 Trek Remedy 29r 9.8.
    I try not to do jumps or drops that will be too much for my knee. More of a cross country or trail rider.
    Being October temperature falling, leaves and some more moisture is in the picture.
    Thank you
    Good riding to you.
  • 10-09-2019
    I've never run any type of rim strip, but based on discussions I've had with folks running them and that work at bike shops, cushcore seems to be the current favorite.

    Tire wise, I have to confess to being something of a Maxxis fan. It's been my experience, through multiple models of tire, that the Maxxis EXO stuff just flat out holds up well. I've been running a set of 2.6 Rekon tires on my current ride, 30mm internal. My current ride hasn't made it to the GW yet, but I've had it in various parts of the country with me on jobs, and been in some GW like conditions (western NC, Chattanooga, TN) and been pretty satisfied so far. I will caveat that - I have a suspicion that once you involve any real amount of dampness on the trail, these tires won't do as well on roots as they have been in the dry.
  • 10-22-2019
    Not really sure it's worth the weight and effort to run tire inserts for XC trails. Fountainhead isn't that rowdy either when it comes down to it. If anything, I'd just run a tire with a stronger casing and/or up my PSI before adding inserts.