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    ever had a bike stolen?

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    Doesnt surprise me at all.

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    90% of this world is just looking like you know what you are doing and are supposed to be doing it. I used to know these guys that would rob vending machines. And I mean, in the front of Wal-Mart at 11 o'clock in the morning. They had these made up name tags and walkie-talkies. They would go in, pick the locks, empty the money and walk out and no one would say a word to them. They would study the real guys when they did it and simply mimick their behavior.

    Are they in jail now? I don't know. But trying to steal a bike has even more deniability than a vending machine.

    Any passer by who asked me what I was doing I would simply say, "I lost my key" or "the combination mechanism is broken" and that would be the end of it. This is no surprise to anyone.

    How many of you would stick your neck out there if some guy calmly told you he lost his key while cutting through a chain in the middle of the day? It not like we carry registration cards for our bicycles around with us.

    If one were to be hiding behind a bush, dart out from the shadows and cut the bike chain and then ride off like they stole something then that would draw more eyes.

    But the point, I guess, is yes, be afraid to have your bike stolen. It's easy.

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