We will be working on the 4-Gorge Trail extension this Sunday, June 19. I believe we will be cutting in some new trail by machine, "finishing" it by hand. Meet at the parking lot by 9 AM (shuttle to the site leaves then).

Bring work clothes, gloves, and some water. Snacks (power bars, chips, PB&J) and drinks (soda, energy drinks, bottled water) are provided on site.

You can work as long or as short as you like. We are there until at least 3 in the afternoon, but even 2 or 3 hours is useful and very much appreciated. If you can't get there by 9 but would like to join, PM me and I'll give you directions to get to the site. It is a pretty quick bike ride (15 minutes) and then about 100 yards through the woods.

If you have not made it to a trail work day, come check it out. Hard work, but gratifying.