• 07-03-2017
    Campground recommendations near Harrisonburg VA
    Well this is the low down. Planning on doing a family camping mtn bike trip in the area of Harrisonburg. I've been looking at camp sites but am always leary of where to stay. I saw stokesville campground but looks like a music festival and is slammed. Will probably do massanutten one day and hit some others as well. Looks like great trails from what I've seen! Thanks for the help
  • 07-04-2017
    If you can't hit Stokesville ....reschedule!

    I lived in the area for a while and honestly, I don't know if I would look for a camp ground or if I would try to find a camp site in the GW somewhere. No, I do know. I'd stay at Stokesville. There are a lot of camping options in that area, but it's going to be 6 of one, half a dozen of the other unless one location sticks out at you for some reason related specifically to the likes of your family. I'd recommend a google search for Harrisonburg Va campground. If you can't reschedule for a time you can stay at Stokesville.
  • 07-04-2017
    Hey man. Thanks for the reply. I will definitely check there!!!
  • 07-05-2017
    If Stokesville Camp isn't an option, Todd Lake and North River campgrounds are nearby. Both might be busy because of the festival though. Also, you can camp just about anywhere in the GW Nat. Forest as long as you aren't looking for facilities.