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  • 10-18-2016
    ive been riding White Clay and Fair Hill for a long time, and need to introduce some variety into my riding. I just started playing in Ironhill, but it is small. I hear that b-wine is much more technical and pretty nice. My only experience at b-wine is racing high school cross country (running). im interested in trying it on wheels, but have some questions...

    is it big enough to ride for a few hours and feel like you actually covered some ground?
    what are the best trails/do any have drops?

    best lot to park in?

    any other input..?

  • 10-19-2016
    Some brandywine content.

    Reference of trails (wouldn't say it is complete, still some other nested content that is not mentioned).
    Brandywine Creek State Park MTB Biking Trails | Trailforks

    Jedi night has some nice drops. It is worth including a decent down their.
    Jedi Knight Mountain Bike Trail - Brandywine Creek State Park, Wilmington

    I've only rode brandywine 2 times so I don't really know my way around or have a loop that flows well. I had to keep checking my phone for directions.
    (429 day)

    Season Interrupted Video - Pinkbike
    (later part of video)
  • 10-20-2016
    thanks, this should be a good start
  • 10-24-2016
    Brandywine almost has to viewed as two different venues. Brandywine Creek Sate park trails are heavily wooded, fairly rocky and up and down the western banks of the Brandywine River. The park land on the East side of the river where you ran cross country does not allow biking. Woodlawn and now the First Sate National Historic Park Trails are north of Thompsons bridge and are more open with longer climbs and descents. They are mostly horse trails which makes them a little wider than standard single track and have less rocks and roots. The parking lot across from Ramsey's farm is a great place to access both sides of these areas. The trail head at the end of Garden of Eden Road or behind the Courtyard Wilmington Brandywine hotel are both good places to park as well. Hit me up if you ever ride daytime during the week and need someone to show you a good loop. You can easily spend over 2 hours there.
  • 10-25-2016
    thanks, i should be off Nov 10 and 11. i may try to make it up there then.
  • 10-25-2016
    Brandywine has become my favorite ride within an hour or so from where I live. Very underrated. I much prefer it to the super groomed White Clay and middlerun trails. Fair Hill is great, but I like the challenge that Brandywine offers. Lots of varied terrain. Some great technical riding, single track and a downhills. It's beautiful this time of year too. I try and ride every weekend. Best parking in my opinion is behind the hotels. I would be happy to show you around this weekend.
  • 10-26-2016
    i should be able to go out this Saturday, lunch time-ish would be best
  • 10-26-2016
    Behind the JCC on Garden of Eden Road (behind the Wawa) is also a good place to park.