Bike recommendation for VA- Freedom Park-
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    Bike recommendation for VA- Freedom Park


    Iíll be leaving the PNW and moving to Virginia soon. Iíve been looking online for what type of trails I would be having over there, and found that Freedom Park in williamsburg could be my main ride for the week. From YouTube videos and google images it seems like a fun and challenging trail with jumps, drops, and man made stuff; and since Iím bikeless right now, Iím wondering whatís the best weapon for the area? A friend that lives in VA rides a long travel 29er (150mm). I need some advice, should I go the same route and get an enduro rig like that (yt Capra)or aim for something more ďtrailĒ (yt Jeffsy)?

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    First off, my condolences. Having to leave the PNW for that part of VA is an awful thing.

    Second, youtube can be deceiving. There are 5 loops at Freedom park, one of which has man-made ttfs (but 100% of youtube vids are of this 3-4 miles). The rest of the park you could ride on a hardtail or even a hybrid or road bike and probably wouldn't wish for more bike. If you are selecting your bike for freedom park, you have to choose between being comfortable on the couple big features or lugging around a lot of bike for the 99.9% of the trails that you wouldn't even need a suspension fork for.

    if you like riding something other than the same 10 or so features all the time, I'd guess you'll make the trip to Richmond to ride Buttermilk regularly. Those trails are, to me, a lot more interesting.

    Still, by conventional wisdom about how much travel is enough, you'd have to go about 100 miles before a 150mm 29er is appropriate.

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    Most of my crew in VB have settled on 29ners in the 140-150 range. I just went and shuttled Sherando Lake this weekend on my HTLT and man, it was a blast. On the flip side, a great bike for pedaling in Williamsburg, or bombing Freedom C drops as well.

    Capra or Jeffsy? Jeffsy 29. LOL
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    If you live in Williamsburg, those trails will become home training rides and your soul will be pulling all week for Richmond, Sherando, Harrisonburg/Stokesville, Massanutten (West side and bike park), Bryce Bike Park and even some jewels in Charlottesville. In RVA you have Pocahontas SP and the James River Park System, both which are super fun. Just figured I'd throw some stuff at you to get you researching in the right direction. We all spend our weekends headed west. The further west you go...
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    Yeah, What Chuch said...

    First of all, can I take your spot in PNW ??LOL

    I live 2 miles from Freedom. I had my Jeffsy 29 CF1 for 6 months now. I am convinced that this is perfect bike for everything around here, including Richmond, and Pocahontas.
    29, 140 mm... You don't need more.

    Trail A in Freedom has some fun spots too, where you can jump/ drop/ manual off of different things. But C is what everyone shows off.

    Few new trails just opened in Pocahontas recently, jump lines... Still, I do not see a need for more than a Jeffsy even on those. Good luck choosing your bike. I love mine.
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    I'll give yo ua differnet perspective and while it truly depneds on rider you can ride most efferything on a 100mm 29 HT freedom to the mtns out western side in GWNF.

    If I only had one bike in this area would probably be short travel FS 29er 100/120 max probably maybe 120/130. 140mm 29er gives excessive quick. When you get to the mtns in GW (west of front royal, harrisonburg, staunton, roanoke, etc) you will want something that climbs well sometimes for miles on end.
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